Actor ‘Vin Diesel’ Confirms ‘The Last Witch Hunter 2’ is Happening

Actor ‘Vin Diesel’ Confirms ‘The Last Witch Hunter 2’ is Happening

The last Witch Hunter 2: Vin Diesel is widely known for his role in the highly successful Fast and the Furious franchise, but he has managed to explore various career paths. After his success in Pitch Black, the Riddick franchise was born, allowing him to excel in a series of captivating sci-fi genre films, with a fourth installment in the works. Additionally, the success of xXx also led to its own franchise of action-packed movies centered around extreme sports, solidifying Diesel’s position in the action genre. Despite his capability to create successful franchises, no one could have foreseen the possibility of The Last Witch Hunter 2 ever being made.

According to Diesel, it seems that The Last Witch Hunter 2 is indeed in the works. The actor revealed this during an interview with Collider before the release of Bloodshot. Surprisingly, despite the first film receiving negative reviews and earning only 27 million dollars at the domestic box office, Lionsgate is currently in the process of writing the sequel. Diesel’s comments about the potential sequel have sparked interest and curiosity among fans and critics alike.

“In the past, if a movie like ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ didn’t perform well at the box office, you might have considered switching gears and focusing on other projects. However, nowadays, it’s intriguing how movies have a way of finding their audience despite traditional expectations.”

“It’s quite cool, you know? Lionsgate is stepping in and announcing that they’re assigning a writer for the next installment. It’s funny you brought up ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ because, as a matter of fact, I’m currently in a meeting with Lionsgate, and they’re actively working on the sequel to the film.”

This situation highlights how crucial the international box office can be. Despite the movie performing poorly in the US, it made an impressive 120 million dollars from audiences in other countries. Now, it’s uncertain whether this talk of a sequel is just a rumor or if the project will truly happen, especially considering it’s been almost 5 years since the first movie was released.

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