AI Makes John Wick A Surprisingly Bright Pixar Movie In Odd Crossover

AI Makes John Wick A Surprisingly Bright Pixar Movie In Odd Crossover

Searching for a ‘John Wick Pixar Poster’ in an AI engine yields a bizarre and amusing result, completely changing the tone of the intense movies.

A Pixar-style poster has been created to depict the movie “John Wick” in a different way. The 2014 film, co-directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, was a pleasant surprise and earned $86 million worldwide. Since the first film’s success, the John Wick franchise, led by Keanu Reeves, has produced two sequels: “John Wick: Chapter 2” and “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.” Additionally, two more sequels, a spinoff, and a prequel series are in the works. Despite its focus on assassins, the John Wick movies have a heartwarming story at their core, revolving around a man and his dog.

In the first John Wick film, the story revolves around the character played by Keanu Reeves. John Wick is a retired assassin who is mourning the death of his wife. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when a group of aggressive men steals his car and kills his beloved dog, a gift from his late wife. Motivated by revenge, Wick reenters the world of assassins and sets out to hunt down the men responsible. As the film progresses, it is revealed that these men are connected to the leader of the Russian crime syndicate. Despite the Russians’ attempts to protect themselves, Wick’s reputation and skills make him a formidable adversary. He successfully avenges the death of his dog. With subsequent films exploring the intricate world of underground assassins, fans are eagerly anticipating the surprises that John Wick 4 will bring.

The artist BossLogic created a poster on Twitter that combines the heartwarming aspects of the John Wick films with a Pixar-style aesthetic. They used an AI tool called DALLE 2 by typing in the words “(John Wick Pixar poster)” to generate the unique and surprising poster. The artist encourages people to check out the post to fully appreciate it.

Does A John Wick-Pixar Crossover Actually Make Some Sense?

While it may seem unlikely for a crossover between John Wick and Pixar due to their contrasting tones, there are certain aspects of the franchise that could translate well into the lighthearted Pixar universe. For example, John’s heartfelt connection with his dog could be explored in a touching manner. Pixar films often incorporate darker elements and emotional moments, which make the lighter moments even more impactful. A hypothetical John Wick-style Pixar movie could focus on John overcoming the loss of his wife, finding a new purpose in life, reuniting with old friends, and forming a heartwarming bond with a new animal companion, reminiscent of the film Up. Of course, the violent aspects of the original John Wick story would need to be significantly altered to fit into the Pixar world, resulting in much less bloodshed.

John Wick is not the only mature-themed property that fans have reimagined in a Pixar style. Shows like Breaking Bad and movies like Alien have also received similar treatment from fans. This trend highlights the humor in transforming something dark and gritty into a lighthearted opposite, creating a funny contrast and offering fans a chance to envision a happier world for beloved characters. While it’s unlikely that John Wick will actually enter the joyful world of Pixar in John Wick: Chapter 4, the film will still showcase the endearing bond between the assassin and his loyal canine companion.

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