An AI Program Flawlessly casts Tom Holland Tom Holland as the Legend of ZELDA’S Link

An AI Program Flawlessly casts Tom Holland Tom Holland as the Legend of ZELDA’S Link

Art made with artificial intelligence is starting a lot of conversations. One artist’s masterful use of the AI program Midjourney tricked a lot of people into thinking Tom Holland will be playing Link in a The Legend of Zelda Netflix movie. And honestly, we’d watch it. Unfortunately, it’s not real. Yet. After all, Holland’s track record of wish fulfillment casting includes his most famous role as Spider-Man. But maybe Dan Leveille’s AI art could very well be the first step to making this a reality. He shared a variety of posters showing Holland as the Hylian hero. They vary in their realism and ear pointy-ness, but on the whole the character design is stunning.

We saw these amazing “teaser photos” on Geeks Are Sexy. While we continue to wait for that Breath of the Wild sequel, let’s add “Tom Holland plays Link in a Legend of Zelda movie” to our wish list. Leveille’s Instagram feed is full of other AI art, including other versions of Link as well as realistic versions of Super Mario characters.  

Leveille took it one step farther after the artwork gained popularity online. He had OpenAI’s GPT-3 program write a script to go with them. The prompt? Link revealing he’s gay. It’s great and leads to dialogue like “I’m not just the hero of time, I’m also the hero of gayness.” Again, we’d watch it. Just maybe not the version where every line is delivered in the voice of an AI program.  

This artwork is certainly less unsettling than some other movie posters created using Midjourney and a similar program called DALL-E. Midjourney has also shown what characters from The Simpsons would look like in real life. This version of fan-casting is an interesting use of AI. We’re intrigued.

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