Bad Boys 4 Confirmed By Will Smith & Martin Lawrence In New Videos

Bad Boys 4 Confirmed By Will Smith & Martin Lawrence In New Videos

It has been officially confirmed that “Bad Boys 4” is in development, as Will Smith and Martin Lawrence shared new videos of their reunion and announcement of the film.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have officially confirmed the production of “Bad Boys 4,” just a short while after receiving an update from producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The popular buddy cop franchise features Smith and Lawrence in the roles of Miami Police Detective Lieutenants Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively. Together, they tackle investigations involving dangerous drug networks operating in their city, all while navigating their own unique and often tumultuous partnership. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the “Bad Boys” series has garnered a strong and dedicated fan base over the course of its three films. The highly anticipated third installment, “Bad Boys For Life,” received the best reviews in the series and achieved the highest box office earnings, grossing over $426 million worldwide against its $90 million production budget.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have made an official announcement on their Instagram accounts confirming the production of “Bad Boys 4.” After teasing fans for two years about a potential reunion, the duo has confirmed that the fourth installment of the “Bad Boys” franchise is indeed happening.

The duo announced the sequel in a video shot by Smith in which he excitedly travels to Lawrence’s house, hinting at the announcement to come by playing Murphy Lee’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather” track made popular by Bad Boys 2. Smith and Lawrence proceed to have a humorous interaction of struggling to land on a title for the fourth movie, realizing they incidentally used up the perfect title with the third film, Bad Boys For Life.

Bad Boys 4 Is A Good Sign For Will Smith Post-Oscars Slap

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Despite initial doubts surrounding the production of “Bad Boys 4” following Will Smith’s controversial Oscars slap incident, reports suggesting the project had been put on hold were debunked by Sony chairman Tom Rothman. Rothman assured that development was still in progress and expressed confidence in Smith’s apology and regrets for the incident. Martin Lawrence also expressed his belief that the franchise would move forward, stating that he and Smith had at least one more movie in them.

The confirmation of “Bad Boys 4” moving forward is seen as a positive development for Will Smith’s career following the doubts that arose after the Oscars-slap incident. Despite experiencing project cancellations, Smith received critical acclaim for his performance in the slavery drama “Emancipation,” generating Oscar buzz, although he ultimately did not receive a nomination. In addition, Smith has secured a role in the sci-fi thriller “Brilliance,” directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, known for her work on “Ms. Marvel.” The progress of “Bad Boys 4” demonstrates the confidence of a major studio in casting Smith as the lead in a large-scale blockbuster production.

Everything We Know About Bad Boys 4

In addition to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprising their roles, directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will return to helm “Bad Boys 4.” The screenplay will be written by Chris Bremner, who previously worked on “Bad Boys for Life.” While there are no specific plot details available at this time, the mid-credits scene in the third film hinted at a potential story arc involving Jacob Scipio’s character, Armando, who is Mike’s son. Armando seeks redemption and receives an opportunity to prove himself through a case involving his father.

In the mid-credits scene of “Bad Boys for Life,” Mike pays a visit to Armando in prison and extends an offer for redemption, which Armando accepts. As fans eagerly anticipate more information about the upcoming film, they can currently enjoy the first three “Bad Boys” movies by streaming them on platforms like Sling and Fubo.

Bad Boys 4 – Everything We Know So Far

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