Bad Boys 4 – Everything We Know So Far

Bad Boys 4 – Everything We Know So Far

Bad Boys for Life” was a surprise smash hit, arriving in January 2020 to stellar box office returns, critical accolades, and raves from fans. 17 years after last appearing as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in Bad Boys II, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence proved that they still have the action chops, deadpan comedy skills, and onscreen chemistry to not only field a solid return to the franchise but its best entry yet. After the successful release of the bad boys for life, the fans can’t wait for bad boys 4? But will there be bad boy 4? When “Bad Boys for Life” had been in theaters, Sony had already begun plans on a fourth installment. Here’s everything we know so far about Bad Boys 4.

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What has happened till now?

Before we talk about the fourth film, let us remember the plot of the previous film.

The Bad Boys’ plot revolves around the main characters, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who have won the hearts of many fans with their respective roles in the film. They portray the best detectives in town, Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who save the day with their incredible talents. But, after Mike is nearly murdered by a bullet outside of Miami, the bad boys return and begin tracking down the mastermind behind the attacks.

They soon realized about Isabel Aretas, a vengeful and dangerously murderous woman who turns out to be the source of the whole controversy. She had killed a lot of people with her partner and executioner son, Armando Armas. Still, now the job is in the hand of Mike and Marcus, the ultimate Bad Boyz, to catch the most dangerous women in the world who will destroy the whole task force, crazy. So fans, what are you waiting for? Do you want to watch the action of your mike and Marcus again? Wait no more.

Release Date of Bad Boys 4

First things first: Bad Boys 4 does not yet have an official release date. But, according to the reports, Sony had hired Bad Boys for Life screenwriter Chris Bremner to whip up the fourth installment. And also the studio has assured us that there won’t be another 17-year gap in between films. Yeah, you read that right – nearly two decades passed in between Bad Boys II and Bad Boys for Life. Do you know what the best part is? The 4th installment of big boys will be released in the theaters. Hurrah!!!

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It’s also worth noting, though, that one of the main roadblocks to the screen for the third film was basically getting Will Smith’s schedule to the lineup with everybody else’s. Smith may have been a rising star in 2003, but he is now a mega-star, and it goes without saying that there would be no Bad Boys without him. As always, Smith has a pretty full slate of upcoming projects — but we’re going to go ahead and guess that Sony will do whatever it takes to ensure that Bad Boys 4 hits theaters no later than 2022.

Cast of Bad Boys 4

Smith and Lawrence will definitely be returning for Bad Boys 4, even if the rest of the cast is a bit of a question mark. It’s a good bet that Paola Núñez will return as Rita, the boys’ fellow officer; the conclusion of Bad Boys for Life sees her promoted to the rank of Captain, and since their previous boss Captain Howard (Joe Pantliano) was assassinated during the events of the film, Lowrey and Burnett are going to have to have somebody busting their asses.

Also, the flick’s mid-credits scene teases that Armando (Jacob Scipio) may have a role to play in the fourth film. After spending the entirety of For Life attempting to assassinate Lowrey for his long-ago involvement in bringing down his parents’ cartel, it turned out (shocking twist ahead) that Lowrey was actually his biological father, having had an affair with his mother while deep undercover. Sure, the kid killed a bunch of people and is now in prison, but the stinger suggests that Lowrey may be willing to help negotiate a lower sentence in return for his assistance with a new case — one which is likely to form the basis of the next movie’s plot.

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What is the plot of Bad Boys 4?

Unfortunately, that stinger doesn’t give us anything in the way of details about this case. But it’s pretty obvious that it’ll have some connection to Armando. Since the kid spent his entire life being raised by the wife of a ruthless drug lord to be an assassin for a Mexican cartel, it stands to reason that he has inside information on all sorts of international criminal enterprises. So we’re guessing that Bad Boys 4 could see Lowrey and Burnett attempting to deal with some shady new organization — one with which Armando has a degree of familiarity — attempting to establish a foothold in Miami.

However, we may be able to glean another clue as to the plot of Bad Boys 4 from IMDB. Prior to the film’s official announcement, the flick’s page (which had likely been created around the time those initial 2015 announcements were made) contained this brief plot synopsis: “A modern, highly specialized police unit collides with the Bad Boys when a new threat emerges in Miami”. The page has since been updated with a generic “Plot unknown” tag. But that little synopsis must have come from somewhere, and with Bad Boys for Life co-writer Chris Bremner already tapped to pen the fourth installment, it could very well be that the plot element of the “highly specialized police unit” gumming up the works for Burnett and Lowrey might still make its way into the movie.

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However, the movie will not be released soon. So it is better to wait and wait for the official declaration. Till then, follow as well as our Facebook page and stay updated.


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