Best Survival Game Movies

Best Survival Game Movies us, going to talk about a series of different types of survival game movies. Each of these films has its own specialty. That is, the people in these have to fight a survival game to stay alive. Maybe it’s another race to decide life and death. You may have to solve a terrible puzzle or fight to survive in a very difficult environment. Most of the movies in this category do not have super ratings. But everything can be viewed without any boredom.

01.  Hunger games series – Survival Game Movies

Survival Game Movies
Movie scene of ‘Hunger games series’

Hunger games movies and novels series are popular among worldwide people. The story of this film is based in a country called Panem. And these survival game movies are going about a story killing on an island. Each year, there is a televised competition that selects 24 contestants from 12 provinces of this country. In this competition, contestants have to fight each other until one contestant survives. The main character in this movie series is a girl named Katniss Everdeen who has to go to that competition. There are 4 movies in this series.

02. Circle (2015) – Survival Game Movies

Movie scene of ‘Circle’

This is also a survival game movies that came with another new concept. Fifty people have been abducted and left in a dark room. Every two minutes, one of these men is killed. This killing happens in a weird way. That is, those who are imprisoned in the room can choose whom to sacrifice. This deadly choice is getting more and more difficult. At the same time, the dark side of the human mind begins to be exposed.

03. Human Race (2013) – Survival Game Movies

Survival Game Movies
Movie scene of ‘Human Race’

This film is about a devil’s race. Also, if you want to be alive in this film, you have to run fast. The film tells the story of a kidnapped man who is put into a deadly race. The rules of the game are very simple. One is, do not to jump off the track and step on the grass. The second one is that no one should be allowed to take a round lead. Whichever of the two happens, the person dies instantly. During the course of this race, the players use subterfuges to kill each other as they run.

04. Escape room (2019) – Survival Game Movies

Survival Game Movies
Movie scene of ‘Escape room ‘

This film was released very recently. In this event, 6 strangers have to participate in one special competition. Now we have a game called Escape Room. These guys have to play a game that solves those kinds of puzzles and runs away from the rooms.  At first it was very easy to play the game but after a while they realize that there is a very dangerous underlying purpose in this game. They also realize that the rooms they have access to are closer to their lives.

05. Saw Series – Survival Game Movies

Survival Game Movies
Movie scene of ‘Saw series ‘

Most people know the SAW survival game movies series. So far, there have been about 8 movies. . But the first movie is the greatest of these. Because most of the people had given good review for it. This movie was about a weird killer. He chooses to punish those who have wronged society. But he does not kill those people directly. They were being given a chance to play few deadly games by him. The purpose of this jigsaw puzzle is to teach them the value of life.

06. Cube series – Survival Game Movies

Survival Game Movies
Movie scene of ‘Cube series ‘

This movie is also about another survival game had given played for a kidnapped team. But the film is a bit more science fiction than ‘So’. The kidnappers we mentioned earlier lock the gang into weird rooms. There are weird death traps in each of those rooms. The main story of this movie is about trying to escape from these traps and solve various puzzles to get out of the rooms. There are 3 movies in this movie series and it has to be said that these films are connected to each other.

07. Battle Royal (2000) – Survival Game Movies

Survival Game Movies
Movie scene of ‘Battle Royal’

This is a super adventure survival Game Japanese movie. The story goes that, according to an order from the Japanese government, a deadly competition is being held among Japanese schoolchildren. What is being done is to take these children out of the classroom and forcibly take them to a deserted island. The children who go like that have to kill each other until there is finally a winner left. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.  It consists of adventurous murders. The film is full of adventurous murders until the end.


08. Fermat’s Room (2007) 

This movie is about a group of mathematicians. There are exactly four members in this group. These four receive an invitation to a meeting from a person called Fermat. This group that is going to meet this Fermat will eventually be trapped inside a room. Inside this room, these people have to face difficult math questions. But if the answer is wrong which they gave, the walls of the room are getting closer and closer as if to crush these people. Will these people be able to think their brains, solve math problems and run away from the room? You have to watch this movie to know that.  

09. Nine Dead 

Nine Dead
Movie scene of ‘Nine Dead’

This is also a story of being kidnapped and locked in a room. In this case, 9 people wake up at once inside a mysterious room. Who are these people? They do not know how this happened to them. Then they are commanded to find out why they are here and who the other people around them are. From time to time, one of these people is killed until they are identified each other.

10. Would you Rather (2012)

Would you Rather
Movie scene of ‘ Would you Rather ‘

‘Would you Rather’ is a popular, fun game played at American parties and gatherings. The film is about a group of people who play a dangerous version of this game. People are invited to a competition where they can earn money while attending a dinner party. But this match is not as innocent as these people thought. In this contest called ‘Would You Rather’, the contestants are given a choice between two very difficult choices. As an example, they have to stab themselves in the leg with a knife Or decide whether to stab someone else at the table. Choices like these The competition between life and death has intensified.

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