Bioshock Live-Action Movie: Release Date & Everything We Know

Bioshock Live-Action Movie: Release Date & Everything We Know

The BioShock movie is heading to Netflix, bringing the underwater city of Rapture to life in a live-action format. The 2007 BioShock game was a big hit because of its special setting, intriguing story, and unique look. The story involves the underwater city of Rapture, the competition between Andrew Ryan and Atlas, and especially the famous Big Daddies and Little Sisters, which all seemed perfect for a movie.

Most Recent BioShock Movie News

The latest information about the BioShock movie surfaced in late 2023. On October 18, the writer for the live-action adaptation, Michael Green, shared details with Collider, providing an update on the script for the upcoming Netflix video game movie. Although Netflix announced the new BioShock movie in 2022, there has been little news since then. Michael Green reassured fans that the project was still in development, and there had been significant progress in moving it forward.


“Netflix has been amazing about it. They were excited about it before the strike, they’re excited about it now, post-strike.” Green shared, implying that, as many had guessed, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes might have caused delays in the BioShock movie’s development. However, Green also disclosed that everyone engaged in the project, including Netflix, is keen to press on despite the challenges.

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What’s ‘BioShock’ About?

The plot of the live-action BioShock movie hasn’t been officially confirmed, but there are expectations that it will follow the stories of the first two games rather than BioShock: Infinite. Both BioShock and BioShock 2 unfold in the underwater city of Rapture during the 1960s. This city, conceived by the billionaire Andrew Ryan, an avid follower of Ayn Rand’s ideas, was designed as a refuge for those seeking progress without moral constraints. Human experimentation in Rapture led to the creation of ADAM, a substance that can alter DNA to grant superpowers and mutations, akin to the X-Men, but at the cost of inducing insanity.

When the game narratives commence, Rapture has fallen into chaos, and it’s probable that the live-action BioShock movie will start in this turbulent setting. The inhabitants of Rapture, known as Splicers, have succumbed to addiction to ADAM, becoming entirely homicidal. Andrew Ryan has lost control of Rapture, and individuals like Frank Fontaine and Sofia Lamb are vying for dominance as the underwater society crumbles.


Anticipations suggest that the BioShock movie will track the narrative of the initial two games, capturing the concluding moments of Rapture. However, there’s a possibility it might also be set slightly earlier, portraying the discovery of ADAM and the swift transformation of Rapture from a libertarian dystopia into an underwater nightmare.

The Cast

The cast for the Netflix BioShock movie hasn’t been disclosed as the script is still in development, indicating that casting decisions are yet to be finalized. If the movie covers the narrative of Rapture from the first two games, potential roles might include:

  1. Jack, the silent protagonist – A role that some suggest could be fitting for Ryan Gosling.
  2. Andrew Ryan – The founder of Rapture and an extreme advocate for free-market capitalism.
  3. Frank Fontaine/Atlas – A character who initially guides the player but later reveals himself as the true antagonist.
  4. Sander Cohen – An insane artist, potentially one of the most memorable roles in the BioShock movie.
  5. Dr. Steinman – A plastic surgeon with a pathological obsession with asymmetry, making him a striking minor character.
  6. Brigid Tenenbaum – The scientist who discovers ADAM and created the Little Sisters, dealing with haunting guilt.
  7. Sofia Lamb – The antagonist of the second game, plagued by a Messiah complex, believing herself to be Rapture’s Salvation.

While it’s likely that the live-action BioShock movie will feature some or all of these characters, nothing has been officially confirmed. Additionally, new characters might be introduced to enrich the story, providing perspectives beyond Jack’s viewpoint in the game.


Who will direct, produce, and write the movie?

The Netflix BioShock movie will be directed by Francis Lawrence, known for his work on The Hunger Games. The script adaptation is handled by Michael Green. The film will be produced by Roy Lee through his company Vertigo Entertainment, along with Francis Lawrence for about: blank and 2K. Additionally, Cameron MacConomy for about: blank and Strauss Zelnick for Take-Two will serve as executive producers.

When is the Bioshock movie coming to Netflix?

Netflix has not announced a release date for the BioShock movie. The adaptation is currently in development, and according to Michael Green’s comments, the script is still in the finalization stage. Therefore, it’s improbable for the live-action BioShock Netflix release date to be set before 2026-2027 at the earliest. However, this timeline might be optimistic given the ongoing development process.

Is there already a trailer for Netflix’s Bioshock movie?

As of now, there is no trailer available for Netflix’s live-action BioShock movie. Since production has not officially commenced, it’s unlikely that a trailer will be released anytime soon. In the meantime, you can revisit the trailer for the original 2017 BioShock game to evoke memories of Rapture.

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