Brad Pitt Makes Shocking Statement About One Of Angelina Jolie’s Kids

Brad Pitt Makes Shocking Statement About One Of Angelina Jolie’s Kids

New details have emerged from an FBI report regarding an alleged domestic violence incident involving Brad Pitt in 2016. According to the report, Pitt made a shocking statement to Angelina Jolie, mentioning that one of their children resembled “a f*g Columbine kid.”

In the case involving the alleged domestic violence incident, Angelina Jolie filed under the pseudonym “Jane Doe” and reported the incident. She requested an investigation into the claims of physical and verbal assault. The FBI report reveals that Brad Pitt blamed Jolie for causing damage to their family. While these reports have not been officially released to the public, they have been obtained by various media outlets.

According to NBC News, the initial filing mentioned an incident involving a woman, her “then-husband,” and their children. At the time of the incident, all of the children were minors and were traveling on a private aircraft. It is alleged that the husband physically and verbally assaulted both the woman and the children. The incident has had lasting effects, causing physical and mental trauma.

According to Page Six, the initial report accused Brad of drinking beer during the incident. Officials stated that Jolie believed the actor’s behavior changed dramatically after they boarded the aircraft. The NBC report disclosed that tbhe actress questioned Pitt about his demeanor, to which he allegedly responded, “That kid looks like a f**king Columbine kid.”

Brad Pitt’s alleged shocking statement continued as the report mentioned that the actress recalled him saying, “You don’t know what you’re doing,” in reference to Pitt’s accusation about Jolie’s parenting. Additionally, it was stated that Pitt punched the ceiling of the aircraft four times after telling Jolie, “You’re f*g up this family.”

During the incident, the children expressed concern for their mother and asked if she was okay. In response, Pitt reportedly stated, “No, she’s not okay, she’s ruining this family, she’s crazy.” Although the actress felt trapped and scared by Brad’s behavior, no charges were filed against him following the incident.

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