Brad Pitt Pushed Angelina Jolie To A Bathroom’s Wall… 

Brad Pitt Pushed Angelina Jolie To A Bathroom’s Wall… 

Angelina Jolie Brings 2016 Abuse Allegations Against Brad Pitt to Court, and Pitt Responds

The ongoing drama between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continues as Jolie filed a countersuit regarding the alleged altercation between them in 2016. Now, Pitt has also responded to the situation. Additionally, there are rumors circulating about Pitt’s dating life, creating buzz in the media.

There have been rumors connecting Brad Pitt with model Emily Ratajkowski, but it’s been reported that they are keeping their relationship casual due to concerns related to Angelina Jolie. It was suggested that Pitt is worried Jolie might speak negatively about him. However, another source stated that Jolie is not bothered by who Pitt dates as long as their family is not involved.

Freshly revealed is the news that Angelina Jolie has submitted legal documents accusing Brad Pitt of a drunken assault on her and their children while they were on a private plane flight in 2016. This incident led to Jolie filing for divorce. These allegations have previously emerged in the past, and the reported incident occurred when the couple and their children were traveling from France to the United States.

Recently, new reports have emerged regarding the incident, indicating that Angelina Jolie is now taking the matter to court. According to court papers, it is stated that Brad Pitt allegedly “grabbed” Jolie by her head, “shook” her, and pushed her into a bathroom wall. Furthermore, it is claimed that he “choked” one of their children and poured beer on Jolie while also pouring red wine on the kids. These details are mentioned in the court documents.

In response to these allegations, Brad Pitt’s representatives have once again denied the claims, stating that the latest allegations are “completely untrue.” They assert that Angelina Jolie continues to distort and embellish an incident that happened years ago, adding “completely untrue information” each time. This suggests a disagreement between the two parties regarding the events that took place.

Last month, people compared Angelina Jolie to Amber Heard when similar allegations against Brad Pitt came up again. Both Jolie and Heard have been involved in public legal battles with their former partners, and both cases involve accusations of domestic violence.

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