Cartoon Network’s ‘Ben 10’ Returning to Netflix in June 2023

Cartoon Network’s ‘Ben 10’ Returning to Netflix in June 2023

Netflix has revealed its latest addition to its collection of licensed old cartoons, as it secures the rights to all four seasons of the beloved Cartoon Network series, Ben 10. Originally aired in 2005, Ben 10 is a creation of Man of Action and follows the adventures of a young boy named Ben Tennyson who stumbles upon a mysterious alien device called the Omnitrix while on a summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen. This device grants him the ability to transform into various aliens.

Ben 10 will return to Netflix on June 5th. Fans of the show should note that this streaming arrangement applies exclusively to Netflix in the United States at this time. It marks the first time in over eight years that the series will be available on Netflix in the US. According to the records kept by, Netflix US previously hosted all four seasons of Ben 10 until 2014 when the series was removed. It briefly reappeared with only two seasons before being permanently taken down.

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In recent years, Ben 10 was among the Cartoon Network titles removed from Netflix. The departure of the last Cartoon Network show from Netflix US occurred in February 2022. However, the tide seems to be turning as Warner Bros. Discovery, the current custodian of Cartoon Network, has chosen to license some of their shows to streaming platforms.

The news comes alongside a slew of pickups Netflix has made on the animation from Warner Bros. Discovery. Starting in April, we’ve seen the likes of Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedJustice LeagueJustice League Unlimited, and The Batman hit the service. Also announced for June is the release of both Tom and Jerry Tales seasons.

Fans of Ben 10 in the United States can look forward to rewatching the series when it returns to Netflix in early June 2023.

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