Constantine 2: Everthing you need to know

Constantine 2: Everthing you need to know

There are strong indications that a sequel to the 2005 movie “Constantine” featuring DC’s occult detective, John Constantine, may be in the works. Keanu Reeves played the lead role of John Constantine in the original film, which was well-received and helped establish Reeves as a compelling and righteous protagonist. The news of a potential “Constantine 2” has thrilled the dedicated fanbase, as they eagerly anticipate the continuation of the story. The upcoming sequel is shaping up to be a highly anticipated must-watch for fans of the franchise.

DC’s Constantine is a distinctive character who breaks away from the typical heroic mold, making him more of an anti-hero. His debut in the DC comics can be found in “The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37.” Unlike traditional heroes, Constantine has a complex persona and often utilizes morally ambiguous tactics when dealing with supernatural adversaries. This uniqueness has garnered a dedicated fanbase that appreciates his unconventional and gritty nature.

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Constantine (2005)

Constantine (2005) Official trailer

Constantine made his cinematic debut over a decade ago, and his portrayal was widely beloved by audiences. The sight of a trench coat-wearing warlock brought a fresh and intriguing element to the screen, exceeding expectations. Keanu Reeves brought the character of John Constantine to life with his deadpan wit and eternal cynicism, striking a chord with viewers and leaving a lasting impression. The supporting cast included notable actors such as Peter Stormare as the Devil, Tilda Swinton as Gabriel, and Rachel Weiss as Angela, all contributing to the film’s memorable ensemble.

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Everything we know about Constantine 2 

Constantine 2
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DC fans have eagerly awaited a sequel to “Constantine” for a considerable time. The 2005 movie introduced a unique character that resonated with viewers in a fresh and captivating way. Many fans believe that if the film had been released in the present era, it would have achieved even greater success. However, it is important to note that the current excitement surrounding a potential sequel lacks any substantial basis or confirmation. While the desire for “Constantine 2” persists among fans, its actual development and release remain uncertain.

The excitement surrounding a potential Constantine sequel gained momentum when actor Peter Stormare, who portrayed Lucifer Morningstar, posted a picture on Instagram in his Lucifer costume with the caption “Sequel in the works.” This sparked discussions about a sequel to Constantine even before J.J. Abrams expressed interest in the project with Warner Bros. Adding to the anticipation, Keanu Reeves has recently expressed his willingness to reprise the role of Constantine and be part of the movie franchise, along with director Francis Lawrence. These statements from the actors and director have further fueled hopes among fans for the continuation of the Constantine story.

Peter Stormare’s confirmation of the sequel has heightened fan hopes, particularly regarding his potential return as Lucifer Morningstar. Fans eagerly anticipate seeing familiar characters reprise their roles in the Constantine sequel, adding to the excitement surrounding the project.

Why the delay 

Constantine 2

Fans have been thrilled by Peter Stormare’s confirmation of the Constantine sequel, as it raises hopes for his return as Lucifer Morningstar. The anticipation is high among fans, who eagerly await the opportunity to see beloved characters reprise their roles in the upcoming film.

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Constantine 2 Trailer

Fans have eagerly been anticipating the release of the new trailer for Constantine 2. However, the future of this iconic 1980s comic book movie remains uncertain. It is possible that the property may undergo a reboot or a sequel, and updates regarding its status will be provided on the website. In the meantime, a fan-made trailer can be enjoyed while waiting for the official Constantine 2 trailer. Additionally, the Constantine preview is currently available on Netflix. Stay connected for further updates.

Constantine 2 fan made Trailer

Plot of Constantine 2

Constantine is an occult detective endowed with unique abilities, enabling him to perceive angels and demons in their true manifestations. Though he maintains a detached demeanor, he maintains a vigilant watch over events and often becomes unintentionally entangled in affairs due to his desire to safeguard the world. During his childhood, Constantine struggled with overwhelming supernatural visions, leading him to attempt suicide. As a consequence, his soul is destined for damnation in Hell.

After Angela’s deeply religious sister takes her own life, she seeks out Constantine for help. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Angela herself has become the target of the demon Mammon, who seeks to use her as a gateway to Earth. In a surprising turn of events, Constantine performs a selfless act of sacrifice to save Angela, ultimately freeing himself from damnation. This act not only demonstrates Constantine’s redemption but also his commitment to protecting humanity from the forces of evil.

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