Constantine 2: Everthing you need to know

Constantine 2: Everthing you need to know

Our favourite occult detective DC’s Constantine might be back with a sequel very shortly. Keanu Reeves starred as the titular John Constantine in the 2005 movie Constantine. It was an interesting watch and perhaps it is the stepping stone that established Reeves as an adamant righteous protagonist in his own right. The audience cult couldn’t be happier with this news. Constantine 2 is a must watch!

DC’s Constantine is one of the few offbeat characters who do not possess traditional heroic traits. He is more of an anti-hero. Constantine’s character first made an appearance in the DC comic  The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 

Check out this article to know more about the new buzz over Constantine 2 and what it has to offer us.  

Constantine (2005)

Constantine (2005) Official trailer

Constantine appeared in the movies more than a decade back and we loved him. The warlock in a trench was something new, curious and unexpected. His deadpan wit and eternal cynicism hit a nerve with the viewers and made a place in the heart. Keanu Reeves played John Constantine, Peter Stormare played the Devil, Tilda Swinton played Gabriel and Rachel Weiss played Angela. 

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Everything we know about Constantine 2 

Constantine 2
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Constantine 2 has been on the mind of the DC fans for a long time. The 2005 movie had presented a character that the viewers had not seen before. They loved it. Fans believe that the movie would have done far better had it been released now. However, the reason for this sudden excitement is complete without foundation. 

The excitement started to swirl when Peter Stormare, who played Lucifer Morningstar posted on Instagram a picture in his Lucifer – get up with the caption ” Sequel in the works”.  There were talks of a Constantine sequel before J.J.Abrams showed interest in doing the movie with Warner Bros. Recently, Keanu Reeves said that he would like to reprise as Constantine and would like to be a part of the movie franchise, along with Francis Lawrence. 

Peter Stormare is the first person directly associated with the production who sort of  confirmed the news of the sequel. Fans hope that he too will reprise as Lucifer Morningstar. 

Why the delay 

Constantine 2

Apart from the ongoing pandemic situation, Reeves has been super busy with his new projects, Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 . So getting the dates from Reeves for yet another project is going to be tough at the moment. This is said to be the probable reason for the delay regarding the confirmation of the project.  Fans do have high hopes considering that Peter Stormare himself sealed the strong possibility of a sequel. 

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Constantine 2 Trailer

fanas have eagerly anticipated the debut of the new trailer for constanttine 2. It’s becoming more difficult to predict whether or not this iconic comic book movie from the 1980s will be re-leasead in its entirety. Due to the history of this property, it is convivible that it may undergo a reboot or a sequel; it is yetb uncertain whether or not threre will be an update, in which case we will notify you through our website. so please get in touch with us. the constantine preview is available on netflix. untill the Constantine 2 trailer is released, you can enjoy a fan-made trailer.

Constantine 2 fan made Trailer

Plot of Constantine 2

Constantine is an occult detective with special powers. He can see angels and demons in their true forms. He keeps a detached but watchful eye and inadvertently gets involved in things as he wants to protect the earth. Back in childhood, Constantine tried to kill himself because he could not handle the supernatural visions anymore. So his soul is to be damned in Hell. 

Angela finds Constantine after her devout Catholic sister commits suicide. In a twist, it is later revealed that Angela had been the target of a demon, Mammon, who wants to use her to come to earth. Constantine saves her through an act of selfless sacrifice and thus he sets himself free from damnation.

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