Every LOTR Movie Character Returning In The Rings Of Power

Every LOTR Movie Character Returning In The Rings Of Power

Amazon’s The Rings of Power series’ plot is set thousands of years before The Lord of the Rings movies happened. Which characters from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy might make an appearance in Amazon’s upcoming TV series The Rings of Power? Let’s talk about what characters can be seen in both Jackson’s movie trilogy and the new series.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s most famous work of fantasy, adapts The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, bringing (mostly) all of the characters presented in those novels to live-action. With The Hobbit, Jackson did it all over again, adapting Tolkien’s first Middle-earth story into three more blockbuster films.

Our next trip to Middle-earth will take us away from Hollywood and into the ever-expanding realm of streaming. By purchasing the TV adaptation license from the Tolkien Estate, Amazon is now investing heavily in Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings series. And it is officially named The Rings of Power. The story is set in Tolkien’s Second Era, thousands of years before The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Despite the fact that The Rings of Power has been shrouded in secrecy throughout its long production, new photographs confirm a few members of the large cast.

As revealed by Vanity Fair, The Rings of Power introduces a great many faces who are entirely new to Tolkien’s mythology. But those hoping to reunite with their old favorites in Peter Jackson’s films should not give up hope. Here’s every Tolkien character in the currently confirmed Lord of the Rings movie trilogy for The Rings of Power – as well as some Stragglers who can join in the fantasy fun.

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Morfydd Clark As Galadriel

In 2001’s The Fellowship of the Ring, Cate Blanchett made a memorable impression as Galadriel. Galadriel, also as Elven ruler of Lothlórien, was both fantastical and terrifying, the most beautiful sight any Fellowship member had ever seen and the person they’d least want to upset in all of Middle-earth. The White Council’s attack on Dol Guldur, the fortress of a resurgent Sauron, was adapted for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, in which Blanchett reprised her role. Here, Galadriel showed off more of her magical power here, pushing back the Dark Lord alongside Gandalf, Elrond, and a soon-to-screw-everyone-over Saruman.

When The Rings of Power begins, Galadriel is on a crusade to vanquish the last remaining servants of Morgoth, who were defeated in the final days of the First Age. She senses that Morgoth’s greatest follower Sauron may be gathering his strength in secret. But finds little support for her grim omen. Sometime around this period, Galadriel and her husband Celeborn also established and ruled over the Elven realm of Eregion. Before upping sticks and moving to Lothlórien several hundred years later, where Galadriel protected Narya, one of three Elven Rings of Power. Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel is more of an outright warrior than her Lord of the Rings counterpart, donning a sword and armor, rather than fighting as a ghostly sorceress. The elf embarks on an epic journey across water, fields, and ice, as the shadow she perceives over Middle-earth grows steadily larger.

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Robert Aramayo As Elrond

Elrond, like Galadriel, represents an authoritative Elven presence in The Lord of the Rings. He is the ruler of Rivendell. Also, he rules it over in much the same way Galadriel leads Lothlórien. If you remember, Played by Hugo Weaving, Elrond assembles the Fellowship of the Ring at Rivendell. Both Elves also depart Middle-earth for the Undying Lands in the wake of Sauron’s final defeat, carrying one of the Three Elven Rings of Power. Then they returned for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy as a member of the White Council.

In The Rings of Power, Robert Aramayo portrays Elrond, who is described as an “ambitious politician”. That’s because, towards the end of the First Era, Elrond was had to choose between his human and Elven heritage. Preferring to keep his immortality, Elrond began working under High King Gil-Galad in the capital of Lindon. And also he did not establish Rivendell until the middle of the Second Age. Elrond is seen to have a nice connection with Galadriel, and because he later marries her daughter, it’s definitely a good idea to keep the mother-in-law happy. Elrond is described as an architect in The Rings of Power. It’s a side of the character that isn’t revealed in The Lord of the Rings, yet it fits because he assists in the construction of Rivendell.

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Maxim Baldry As Isildur

Rings Of Power

Elrond fails to encourage his human friend to throw the One Ring into Mount Doom during The Lord of the Rings’ Last Alliance of Elves and Men. That human comrade is Isildur. He was the son of Elendil and the brother of Arnor, the mortal trio who survived Nmenor’s destruction and arrived in Middle-earth to create human strongholds like Gondor. Isildur, played by Harry Sinclair in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, is shown cutting the “One Ring” from Sauron’s finger, then being a jerk about wanting to keep it, condemning future generations to untold misery.

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Although there is no official image for Isildur, Vanity Fair’s article verifies Isildur’s appearance in The Rings of Power, referring to him as a sailor. That’s entirely expected from the sea-faring Númenoreans, and Isildur was confident enough on the water to escape Sauron’s assault on Minas Ithil by sailing successfully to Arnor. The addition of Isildur in The Ring of Power does, however, throw off the timeframe. If Galadriel and Elrond’s adventures take place before they become rulers of Lothlórien and Rivendell, The Rings of Power must be set before the year 1500 in the Second Age. Isildur won’t be able to appear for about another 2000 years due to that pesky human mortality. Is it possible that The Rings of Power will use several timelines?

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Rings Of Power
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Is Sauron going to show up in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power or not? Given his significance in the formation of both the Second Age and the Rings of Power, one would anticipate the Dark Lord to play a significant role in Amazon’s upcoming TV series. Then why the identity isn’t revealed in the current round of photos? and the “black gauntlet” poster may or may not depict the hand of Sauron. Reports from late 2021 suggested that Tolkien’s iconic Lord of the Rings villain wouldn’t show until season 2 of The Rings of Power, casting more doubt on his involvement.

Vanity Fair verifies Sauron’s appearance is referred to in The Rings of Power’s early episodes. But stops short of saying whether that presence is physical or just an ominous whispering in the background twisting strings. If Sauron does appear in The Rings of Power, he will be far different from the version shown in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films. Rather than a giant fire-eye, Sauron will either wear the dark, heavy armor seen during the Last Alliance of Elves & Men, or he may be disguised as Annatar, Eregion’s attractive Elf-friend.

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Other LOTR Characters Who Could Appear In The Rings Of Power

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The above quartet proudly represents the Lord of the Rings’ movie alumni in Amazon’s The Rings of Power, but who else from Jackson’s trilogies could potentially feature in the Second Age narrative? Since Galadriel looks to be among The Rings of Power’s lead protagonists, expect her husband, Celeborn (played by Marton Csokas in The Fellowship of the Ring), to be involved in some capacity, since the pair stay together through much of the Second Age. High King of the Noldor, Gil-Galad, is another probable pointy-eared addition. The Elf-king is shown during The Lord of the Rings’ flashback sequences, played by Mark Ferguson, but his reign spans The Rings of Power’s entire timeline.

The only other notable elf to potentially straddle both Lord of the Rings and The Rings of Power is Círdan the shipwright, glimpsed for a split-second when Jackson’s movies recount the Rings’ creation, played by an uncredited Michael Elsworth. Círdan ranks among the oldest elves in Middle-earth at this point and perhaps should factor into The Rings of Power somehow.

It’s only logical that if Isildur appears in The Rings of Power, so would his father, Elendil. During Peter Jackson’s Last Alliance of Elves and Men flashback, where he was represented by Peter McKenzie, the original King of Gondor charged into battle alongside Gil-Galad and Elrond. Finally, the wizards may provide a challenge for Amazon’s writing staff. Gandalf and his companions didn’t arrive in Middle-earth until the Third Age, seemingly ruling the characters out of contention. On the other hand, the wizards do exist during the Second Age, dwelling as Maiar in the Undying Lands. There is a small chance The Rings of Power shows Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, etc. in their original forms.

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