‘Fast & Furious 10’ Everything you need to know

‘Fast & Furious 10’ Everything you need to know

You know how people say the sky’s the limit? Well, after F9 sent Tej and Roman to space, even that’s no longer the case for the Fast & Furious franchise. Once a story about racers and fast cars, the film series has evolved into a global action franchise. Over the last nine movies, Fast & Furious has come really far from its street racing origins but now this maddening joyride is finally approaching the finish line.

Fast & Furious 10 is set to be the last chapter in the series, bringing the adventures of Vin Diesel‘s Dominic Torreto to a close. The film is being directed by Justin Lin, who also directed all the franchise’s movies between The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious 6, as well as F9.

Not a lot is known about the movie yet but we do have some details to share about the highly-anticipated action flick. So here’s everything we know so far about Fast & Furious 10, including updates on everything from release dates and trailers to the cast, filming details, characters, and plot information.

‘Fast & Furious 10’ Release Date

Filming of the fast and furious 10 was started in in the start of 2020 and its release date was April 2nd, 2021 but due to covid pandemic, the films gets delayed. And later In December 2021, it was announced that the film was pushed back to May 2023.

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Does Fast & Furious 10 Have a Trailer?

We’re yet to see a trailer or teaser for Fast &Furious 10 and considering its still early days for the movie, chances are we won’t see anything for a while. With any luck, we’ll be seeing some footage from the movie once they actually get down to filming it. So keep an eye on this space as we’ll be updating it with the latest teasers and trailers as and when they are released.

Who Is in Fast & Furious 10’s Cast?

Fast & Furious 10
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While the final cast list for the movie hasn’t been confirmed yet, fans can expect most of the principal cast to return. That includes Vin Diesel, Michelle RodriguezJordana BrewsterTyrese GibsonChris “Ludacris” BridgesSung KangNathalie EmmanuelCharlize TheronHelen MirrenJason StathamLucas BlackShad “Bow Wow” MossJason TobinJohn Cena, and Anna SawaiDon Omar and Tego Calderon could also return as Rico Santos and Tego Leon. The upcoming movie will also introduce Aquaman star Jason Momoa to the franchise, with his casting being confirmed in January 2021.

Additionally, Kurt Russell could also come back for the movie as his character’s fate after the last film is still a bit ambiguous. There have also been rumors that Gal Gadot‘s character could be brought back so she may make an appearance. Cardi B has also been confirmed to be returning for the final story. And Vin Diesel has been actively trying to convince Dwayne Johnson to return to the franchise so there’s always the chance that we’ll see the Rock in the final installment as well.

What Is the Plot of Fast & Furious 10?

Fast & Furious 10
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We don’t have any plot details for Fast & Furious 10 yet and after F9‘s space-bound madness, there’s really no telling where this final chapter will go. We can make some educated guesses though.

Considering this is the last story, Fast & Furious 10 could look to the next generation of the crew, specifically Dom and Brian’s kids. Perhaps the movie could end with a flash-forward showing how those kids grow up to be the next great racer agents, just like their parents. Jordana Brewster has also suggested that that’s something she’d like to see in the final movies.

If that’s the direction the story is going to take, it would make it more of a passing of the torch. And if so, we can probably expect the crew to go through some emotional moments with their kids, fighting to keep the world safe for their sake. Of course, that still leaves the question of the villain.

The final scene of F9 showed Deckard Shaw meeting Han again, being surprised to find him alive. It’s possible that the upcoming film will see Shaw and his family becoming enemies of Dom’s crew again. On the other hand, Cipher was also still alive and on the run at the end of F9 so there’s a possibility that she’ll be back as the villain.

Whoever they’re going up against, fans can expect the familia to take on yet another high-stakes mission with ridiculous levels of action. There’s literally no limit to where this story could take us so we’re just going to have to strap in and enjoy the ride.

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