‘Goonies’ House for Sale in Oregon

‘Goonies’ House for Sale in Oregon

“Beautiful Victorian House with Stunning Views of the Columbia River and Pacific Ocean Listed for $1.7 Million on Zillow”

Great news for fans of The Goonies! The famous old house from the movie is being sold in Astoria, Oregon. Some people interested in buying it are thinking about making it easier for the public to visit and enjoy.

Realtor Jordan Miller, the listing agent for the property, mentioned, “Currently, we have a few interested parties. It appears that everyone’s intention is to enhance the accessibility of the house and open it up more.”

The historic house, built in 1896, offers stunning panoramic views of the Columbia River merging with the Pacific Ocean. It is currently listed on Zillow for $1.7 million, highlighting its rich history, nostalgic appeal, and famous status.

Ever since the movie was released in 1985, fans have been visiting the house located in the historic port of Astoria in northwestern Oregon. The city commemorates “Goonies Day” on June 7th, which is the film’s release date, and attracts numerous fans who come to join the festivities. The event draws thousands of people each year.

Sandi Preston, the owner of the house, was generally friendly and allowed visitors to come in. However, since she lived in the house all the time, having a lot of people around all the time became difficult for her. Sometimes, she had to close the house to visitors to give herself a break from the constant crowds.

Following the 30th anniversary of the film in 2015, when around 1,500 visitors came to the house every day, Sandi Preston decided to put up signs that said “no trespassing” to prevent tourists from approaching the property. However, she later changed her mind and reopened the house to the public in August.

City officials have been trying to find a solution to the ongoing tensions between residents and fans who want to visit and take pictures of the location. They have implemented parking restrictions in the area as part of their efforts to address the issue.

In August, the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce posted on their Facebook page, “Goonies Day in Astoria, Oregon,” stating, “Although the owner of The Goonies filming location is a fan of the movie and enjoys interacting with visitors who come to see the film sites in Astoria, it becomes challenging to have hundreds of people crowding into their personal space every single day.”

In the movie, which is a coming-of-age story based on a tale by Steven Spielberg and stars a young Sean Astin, a group of friends band together to defend their homes from a growing country club and the risk of losing them. Along the way, they stumble upon an ancient treasure map that takes them on an exciting journey and helps them save their neighborhood known as the “Goon Docks.”

The city of Astoria, along with its picturesque coastal scenery, provided the setting for various popular movies from the 1980s and ’90s. One of these films was “Kindergarten Cop,” featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in a leading role.

As per the listing agent Miller, the potential buyers of the renowned Goonies house don’t seem to view it as their primary residence. Instead, it seems to have caught the attention of individuals who want to embark on a unique project or pursue their passions through the property.

Miller described it as an enjoyable purchase, stating, “The person who buys the house will consistently experience a joyful stream of people outside fulfilling their childhood dreams.”

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