Gremlins 3: Release Date: Is This Series Coming In 2023

Gremlins 3: Release Date: Is This Series Coming In 2023

What present do you get this Christmas? I am sure it’ll be something great. Have you remembered how in 1984 Billy’s father gifted him a pet? I am sure many of you didn’t bear at that time and many were. It doesn’t matter that you were born at that time or not but the only thing matter here is whether you have seen “Gremlins”.  The old Horror comedy movie which is loved by many people at that time till now on receives well praises from the people. Releasing a movie with animation and horror was a great risk at that time but somehow Joe Dante managed to bring it up successfully at that time.

Now, after so many years we heard something so unexpected, What is it? Are gremlins coming up with its third part? Are you kidding me?

Well! We don’t know if it is really going to happen or not. If you want to know it too, read this article to make sure you got the correct information.

Gremlins – A little bit of history

The Horror/ comedy movie was originally released back in 1984 when most of us aren’t born. The Director of the movie is Joe Dante, who follows the character, Billy. One Christmas night, Billy’s father got him a gift which, inside which there is a small creature which he and his dog found cute. His father ask him to take care of him and gave him 3 conditions.

Now, because of the instant hit of the movie, the developers decided to make the second part of the movie. The Second part, Gremlins 2: The New Batch was released in 1990. But the second part as compared to the first part was not successful in the box office. Gremlins was based on the novel by Roald Dahl’s The Gremlins in which there was bizarre creatures that cauterized the royal air force. The name of the creature was mogwai which in Cantonese translates to “devil”, which we all know is surely a devil.

Movie Gremlins 3
Release DateNot Announced Yet
DirectorJoe Dante
Script WriterChris Columbus
GenreBlack, Horror Comedy
Streaming PlatformHBO, Netflix
Lead RoleBilly Peltzer

Gremlins 3 – Is it going to happen?

Gremlins have already released its two-part already and now there are rumors going around that Gremlins is going to launch its third part. But during an interview Columbus release a statement about Gremlins 3 –

“I would love to do it. I wrote a script, so there is an existing script. We’re working out some rights issues right now, so we’re just trying to figure out when the best time to make that film would be. I would still do it the same way – I would do it as tangible puppets, not CGI. Maybe having — you know we had one stop-motion scene in the first Gremlins, but I don’t think I’d use much CGI in Gremlins 3.”

Warner Bros. got certified for Gremlins 3 and they immediately registered for the green-lit of the movie. So, for now, the movie is a registered property for HBO MAX TV.

After almost 30 years, it would be great to see what would be happen with Gremlins. Of course people from that time and now on have a different in taste and it would be a great deal for Columbus to co-operate with audience.

Gremlins 3 – Release Date.

It’s been years since we last heard about Gremlins third installment and we have still nothing in our hand. Of course there are several talks going around the internet but still there is nothing to commit for us.

Moreover, talking about the initial release date, the Developers are procrastinating the work which leaving us in great sadness. Fan’s are quick to response about this in social media and the craze over this old movie is insane. There is no official date as the movie is getting delayed because of their personal issue or maybe they haven’t come up with a script yet. If there will be any dare we’ll tell you as soon as possible and for that you have to stay in touch with our website. According to hollywood Chris Columbus the script writer revealed in a recent interview that the script has been completed and movie is no the way.

Gremlins 3 – Storyline

This movie, as compared to that time, have a very unique plot which is the reason why many people attract toward it. The introduction of the animation into the movie was a risky task to do for the Director but here they are with it.

The story starts when Billy’s father brings a Christmas gift to Billy. He and his cute Lil dog were excited to see what was there inside the box. As they open it, it turns out to be a cute Lil creature named Mogwai. Who turns evil during the night.

Now in the third installment it would be fun to see what the writer do with these all. It is true that the time is not same as it was before and the taste in movies changes a lot.

Whereas, nothing is officially announced about the story and it is not clear that whether they have selected any script till yet or not.


Now the most important part will be what will be the cast members. There is a huge time gap between the release of the last Gremlins movie and the actors have definitely grown old. It would be tough for the film-makers to decide if they have to stick with the same cast or have to move on by taking over the other cast. By the way, what do you think about it? Is it right to change the actors or not? Comment down to us.

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