HAWKEYE Release Date, Casting, and Storyline

HAWKEYE Release Date, Casting, and Storyline

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Hurrah!!! Hawkeye finally has his own TV series. Hawkeye is an upcoming American television series based on the Marvel Comics characters Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Kate Bishop. And also, this is created by Jonathan Igla for the Disney+ streaming service. Also, this series will be the fifth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe produced by Marvel Studios. Anyway, this story takes place after the Avengers: Endgame movie. So, let’s go and talk about Hawkeye: release date, casting, and storyline.

HAWKEYE Release Date
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Of course, Jeremy Renner reprises his role as Clint Barton (Hawkeye). Hailee Steinfeld gives to life Kate Bishop who is the leading actress in this series. Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop: Kate’s mother, Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, and also Fra Fee, Tony Dalton will be cast in this series.

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In this series, Clint Barton helps to train Kate Bishop. Kate is a 22 years old girl who is a fan of Hawkeye and who wants to become a Hawkeye. She disguises herself as Ronin and draws Barton’s attention.

Most probably with this series Kate Bishop will take Barton’s place on the Avengers team. Because Barton has already retired from the Avengers team. And also, we will be able to see Yelena’s first appearance after Black Widow in this series. However, her mission will be to eliminate Barton. Also, it has been confirmed that Maya Lopez (Echo) will be in this series. When considering her, she will get her own Disney+ show in the future.

HAWKEYE Release Date
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HAWKEYE Release Date & Episodes

Hawkeye has six episodes. It has been revealed that each of them runs for 40-50 minutes. Also, Hawkeye will available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam on Disney+. The special thing is, this is the first MCU series to be offered in Malayalam.

This series also faced some delays of release date because of Covid 19 Pandemic. Now it has set to release the first two episodes of Hawkeye on November 24, 2021. According to marvel studio, the rest of the episodes will be released as follows.

Hawkeye episode 3December 1, 2021
Hawkeye episode 4December 8, 2021
Hawkeye episode 5December 15, 2021
Hawkeye episode 6December 22, 2021

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