Highlander Remake with Henry Cavill Is “Closer Than We’ve Ever Been”

Highlander Remake with Henry Cavill Is “Closer Than We’ve Ever Been”

Chad Stahelski, the director of “John Wick,” has provided an update on the planned reboot of “Highlander” featuring Henry Cavill. Despite the abundance of announcements during San Diego Comic-Con, Stahelski confirmed that he is still dedicated to making the reboot with Cavill and assured fans that the project is still in progress.

The original “Highlander” film was released in 1986 and starred Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, an immortal warrior from the 16th century. The film revolves around a long-lasting battle between immortals who must kill each other to absorb their powers, ultimately leaving only one survivor. The success of the first film led to the release of sequels such as “Highlander II” and “Highlander III” in the 1990s. Additionally, there was a TV series called “Highlander: The Series,” which followed the adventures of Duncan MacLeod, portrayed by Adrian Paul. The franchise also spawned several short-lived spin-off series in the 1990s.

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Chad Stahelski Believes Henry Cavill is the Perfect Choice to Resurrect Highlander

Word of Cavill joining the “Highlander” reboot was initially reported in May 2021, and director Chad Stahelski has since expressed his belief that Cavill is the ideal actor to revive the franchise. Stahelski has praised Cavill’s talents and sees him as a great fit for the role, although he has not provided specific details about why he considers Cavill to be perfect for the project.

Stahelski made a statement about Henry’s suitability for the role, saying, “Henry obviously has the physicality, but that alone isn’t enough. I needed someone who could also bring the empathy of a character who has lived for 500 years. Henry was able to do both. The character goes through significant emotional growth over many centuries, adopting various personalities. In our first meeting, Henry immediately understood the weight of immortality and demonstrated the ability to transform from a young, vibrant soul to an old, wise soul. His passion for the project and belief in what he could achieve were evident. Working with him, I knew we would create something unique. Moreover, Henry’s genuine nature and cool personality made him someone I wanted to spend time with.”


Cavill confirmed that he will be in the Franchise

Cavill expressed his excitement and passion for the franchise, mentioning his long-time fandom and appreciation for both the Highlander movies and the TV series. He acknowledged the iconic 80s movies and the resemblance of one of the TV show actors to his own brother. Cavill emphasized his enthusiasm for working with director Chad Stahelski and the opportunity to engage in franchise storytelling with all the available resources. He expressed his anticipation for an unforgettable adventure and hoped that fans would share in the excitement.

Highlander remake is closer than we’ve ever been

In a recent interview with Collider, Stahelski provided a brief update on the current development stage of the Highlander reboot. He expressed positive news by stating that the remake is now “closer than we’ve ever been.” This statement indicates progress in the project’s advancement, suggesting that it is moving forward in a promising direction. Fans of the original cult film can be pleased to hear that the Highlander reboot is making significant strides towards becoming a reality.

Currently, we are making some adjustments and fine-tuning. We have a clear idea of what we want and, most importantly, what we want to create. The creative vision is well-defined, and it’s just a matter of refining it until we reach the point where we feel confident and ready to move forward. We are getting closer to that stage than ever before, which is a positive sign of progress.

When will be released

Currently, Stahelski is occupied with completing his work on John Wick: Chapter 4, the highly anticipated next installment of the franchise starring Keanu Reeves. Meanwhile, Cavill is busy with his leading role in The Witcher and other projects, including the upcoming sequel to Enola Holmes. As is common in the film industry, the schedules of franchise stars need to align before shooting can commence. Although the shooting schedule for the Highlander reboot has yet to be announced, it seems that the essential individuals involved are still committed to making it a reality in the future.


The original Highlander movie, released in 1986, tells the story of an immortal Scottish swordsman named Connor MacLeod. He was born in the 1500s and is destined to battle other immortals in modern times to prevent the villainous Kurgan from obtaining the Prize, which is the combined power of all immortals who have ever lived. Christopher Lambert portrayed the main character, Connor MacLeod, while Celia Imrie, Clancy Brown, Roxanne Hart, and Sean Connery played supporting roles. The success of the film led to the creation of four live-action sequels, one animated follow-up, three television series, and a web series. Additionally, the franchise has expanded with various books, comics, and video games.


Filming will begin soon

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Henry Cavill discussed several projects he is involved in, including the upcoming Highlander reboot. He confirmed that filming for the reboot is set to begin in 2022.

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