Hobbs & shaw 2: All we know so far

Hobbs & shaw 2: All we know so far

Even though Hobbs & Shaw was a successful spinoff of Fast & Furious, there’s no official confirmation or progress on making a second movie in the series. While discussions might be taking place, as of my last update in January 2023, there hasn’t been any concrete announcement. For the latest information, it’s best to check recent news or statements from the filmmakers or studios.

It’s unclear if there will be a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw. Despite the first movie’s success and talks about a follow-up, nothing official has been confirmed. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the stars of the first film, have busy schedules with other projects, leaving the future of Hobbs & Shaw 2 uncertain. Stay tuned for any recent updates on the situation.

Hobbs & shaw 2 is reportedly Confirmed

Hiram Garcia, a key collaborator of Dwayne Johnson at Seven Bucks Productions, has confirmed that Hobbs & Shaw 2 is actively in development. While no official announcement has been made, they are currently working on the story and writing the script. The production timeline is uncertain, but the sequel is officially in the works.

Hobbs & shaw 2 Latest News

The recent updates about Hobbs & Shaw 2 are not about a direct sequel but are related to it. It has been confirmed that the Fast Saga will feature a standalone movie led by Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs. In a post-credits scene in Fast X, Johnson reprises his role as Hobbs, despite previously saying he wouldn’t return to the franchise. The scene sets the stage for a showdown between Hobbs and Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa), who threatens Hobbs due to his actions in Fast Five. Contrary to expectations, the post-credits scene is not setting up Fast & Furious 11 but rather a Hobbs solo movie.

Dwayne Johnson revealed that the upcoming movie in the Fast and Furious series will be the Hobbs spin-off. While there’s no confirmed release date for the Hobbs spin-off, it’s expected to serve as a connection between Fast X and Fast and Furious 11. This suggests that the production of Hobbs’s solo movie may need to be expedited since Fast & Furious 11 is scheduled for a 2025 release. However, there’s a possibility that Hobbs’s standalone film could come out after the series finale, potentially serving as a prequel, considering the franchise’s complex timeline.

Hobbs & Shaw: Cast

As Hobbs & Shaw 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed, there’s no cast announcement for the sequel. However, it’s reasonable to speculate based on the first film’s cast. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are likely to return, as their characters are in the movie’s title. Producer Kelly McCormick suggested that Ryan Reynolds or Kevin Hart might have more significant roles in the sequel, reprising their characters from the initial Hobbs & Shaw film.

The first film showcased the extended families of both Hobbs and Shaw, with actors like Cliff Curtis, Roman Reigns, Vanessa Kirby, and Helen Mirren playing key roles. It’s possible that they could make a return in Hobbs & Shaw 2, perhaps in brief cameos. Dwayne Johnson mentioned in a Facebook Q&A that the sequel would introduce new characters to the ensemble, although the specific actors haven’t been revealed yet.

Hobbs & Shaw 2 Story Details

The details of the Hobbs & Shaw 2 plot are currently undisclosed, but a story treatment is in progress. Dwayne Johnson has pitched an idea that aims to defy the typical Fast & Furious movie expectations. He shared, “There’s an idea that I had that I called [Universal Pictures chairwoman] Donna Langley… and I said, ‘I have this idea and this direction for [Hobbs & Shaw 2],’ and I pitched.” Johnson has characterized his pitch for the sequel as “the quintessential Hobbs movie.”

Johnson has mentioned that his vision for Hobbs & Shaw 2 will be “the antithesis of what Fast & Furious movies generally are in that they continue to go on and go on and go on.” This suggests that Johnson envisions a conclusion similar to the style of Logan, providing a definitive end to Hobbs’s on-screen journey. Since his introduction in Fast Five, Hobbs has been portrayed as an almost invincible character, surviving numerous life-threatening situations. In Hobbs & Shaw 2, Johnson envisions a scenario where “you watch a man walk off into the sunset.” Whether he goes out in a blaze of glory or retires, the sequel aims to bring closure to Hobbs’s story.

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