Hugh Jackman Says Filming ‘The Son’ Made Him a “Different Parent”

Hugh Jackman Says Filming ‘The Son’ Made Him a “Different Parent”

The actor mentioned that he has become more emotionally open and vulnerable with his children since completing the project directed by Florian Zeller.

According to Hugh Jackman, his role in Florian Zeller’s The Son has had a profound impact on his approach to parenting, leading him to become a changed parent.

The actor revealed that after working on the project, he has become more transparent with his children, sharing more about his life and the reasons behind his occasional distractions.

“It made me a different parent,” Jackman told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. “Now I’m more willing to share my feelings and be honest with them, like saying ‘I’m not sure’ or recognizing when I have something on my mind.”

In the film “The Son,” the character Peter (played by Hugh Jackman) experiences a disrupted life with a newborn baby and his partner (played by Vanessa Kirby) when his ex-wife, Kate (played by Laura Dern), unexpectedly arrives to address their son Nicholas’ (played by Zen McGrath) mental health challenges.

The storyline of the film had a profound impact on Jackman, prompting him to be more honest and transparent with his children. He wants to ensure that they never feel responsible for any negative emotions or distress he may be experiencing.

“Just me not talking because I’m thinking, ‘Oh, I don’t want to bother them with my concerns,'” he explained to the late-night host. “But that doesn’t help, so now I catch myself saying, ‘Hey, guys, I apologize if I seem distant. I’m really anxious about this thing, and if I’m acting strange, it has nothing to do with you.'”

According to Jackman, his 17- and 22-year-old children appreciate his increased communication with them. He believes that as a father, it’s important to acknowledge that he may not always have all the answers or know what’s best, and it’s okay to admit that to his kids.

During the discussion, Jackman openly shared that he experienced emotional turmoil while working on Zeller’s project. He revealed that his father had passed away during the filming period, and the film compelled him to confront unfamiliar aspects of parenthood. This personal experience contributed to his deep emotional involvement in the role and added depth to his performance.

“Every scene is this scary feeling as a parent where you feel helpless. You don’t know what to do or how to support them. You’re trying your best, but nothing seems to work,” Jackman said. “During filming, my father passed away, and I think I was facing a lot of things as a parent, the fears that come with it.”

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