I Am Legend 2: Everything we know so far

I Am Legend 2: Everything we know so far

It’s official! Will Smith will be back for I Am Legend 2, the follow-up to the popular movie from 2007 set in a world after an apocalypse. Here’s what we know about the upcoming I Am Legend 2.

Warner Bros. is finally making a sequel to the popular movie “I Am Legend” after a long wait of 15 years. The original movie, starring Will Smith and directed by Francis Lawrence, was a big hit with both critics and audiences. The story of “I Am Legend” was based on a well-known novel of the same name by Richard Matheson, who sadly passed away. It’s worth noting that while “I Am Legend” was the first movie with that title, there were previous adaptations of the book. However, fans of the novel argue that none of these earlier adaptations truly captured the essence of the story.

The first movie adaptation featured Vincent Price in the lead role and was titled “The Last Man on Earth.” It was released in 1964 and was a black-and-white film. The second adaptation, released in 1971, was called “The Omega Man” and starred Charlton Heston. This version introduced color to the I Am Legend movies. It took some time for the version starring Will Smith to be made. However, many people believe it is the best of the three film adaptations based on Richard Matheson’s novel. Even though it is not perfect.

“I Am Legend 2” Is Officially Happening

Plans for a prequel to “I Am Legend” featuring Smith had been discussed for some time after the success of the first film. However, those plans didn’t come to pass, and it seemed like a sequel to “I Am Legend” would never happen. That is, until March 2022 when a surprising announcement revealed that a sequel is now in development.

On March 4, 2022, it was reported that Warner Bros. is working on the development of “I Am Legend 2.” Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who worked on the first “I Am Legend,” is returning to write the script. It is still uncertain whether director Francis Lawrence will be involved in the sequel, as no directing agreement has been confirmed at this time.

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I Am Legend 2 Cast: Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan, Who Else?

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Will Smith is set to reprise his role as Robert Neville in a sequel to “I Am Legend.” The sequel will be based on the alternate ending of the first movie. That means Smith’s appearance will not be limited to flashbacks or experiment logs. The success of “I Am Legend,” which grossed over $500 million, has motivated Warner Bros. to make significant changes to ensure Smith’s return. Additionally, it has been confirmed that Michael B. Jordan, known for his role in “Creed,” will join the cast of “I Am Legend 2”. However, his character details are currently unknown. There is also a possibility that Alice Braga, who portrayed Anna in the first movie, may make a return.

The big news is that, according to a report from a trusted source at Giant Freakin Robot, there is news that Keanu Reeves will be playing the role of the villain in “I Am Legend 2” alongside Will Smith. This is an interesting development as Reeves is known for playing heroic characters, so seeing him in an evil role is expected to be exciting for both the actor and his fans. However, Keanu Reeves’ role in the movie is still undefined, and many details are kept under wraps.

Keanu Reeves Is The Villain

I Am Legend 2’S Story: How Does Will Smith Return?

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After experiencing a period of delay in development, there was a significant update on I Am Legend 2 in February 2023 (announced via Deadline). The announcement provided clarity on several aspects of the sequel. It was confirmed that the storyline of the sequel would deviate from the original theatrical ending and instead continue from the alternate ending of I Am Legend, where the character Robert Neville, portrayed by Will Smith, survives. Also, in an interview with Deadline, Goldsman revealed that I Am Legend 2 would be set several decades after the events of the first movie. This suggests that significant changes have occurred in the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in the film.

In the ending that will be followed in I Am Legend 2, Neville comes to the realization that the infected are not trying to kill him, but rather to rescue one of their own. He understands that they see him as a monster, just like he sees them. In the same interview, Goldsman also mentioned that The Last of Us has inspired the sequel. He is interested in exploring a post-apocalyptic world where nature has taken over again. He also hinted that the story will be set in New York City, just like in the first movie.

Will I Am Legend 2 explore more Zombie Societies?

Goldsman’s intention to stay closer to the original story is great news for I Am Legend 2. It allows the sequel to explore the concept of zombie societies and how they have formed different social groups. In the novel, there were various types of infected individuals. Some of which were more evolved and could act like they are uninfected. This also supports the speculation that Michael B. Jordan might play a Darkseeker. With the diverse societies of zombies, the creative team will have plenty of opportunities to design unique and wild creatures for I Am Legend 2.

I Am Legend 2 Release Date Prediction

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The return of Will Smith in “I Am Legend 2” is indeed exciting news. However, as of now, there is no official release date for the sequel. In an interview with Deadline, writer Akiva Goldsman mentioned that the sequel was being fast-tracked as part of his new deal with Warner Bros. Although it is difficult to provide an exact release date, considering the various stages involved in the movie-making process, a realistic estimate for the release of “I Am Legend 2” would be around 2026.

Goldsman still needs to complete the script, followed by the pre-production and production phases. Additionally, considering the anticipated extensive use of digital effects, the post-production process is likely to be lengthy as well.

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