Jason Momoa surprises passengers as he turns into their flight attendant

Jason Momoa surprises passengers as he turns into their flight attendant

Passengers aboard a flight to Hawaii received a delightful surprise when they discovered that Hollywood actor Jason Momoa was serving as their flight attendant. A video capturing the moment Momoa handed out water bottles to passengers has gained significant attention on social media and has gone viral.

In the video, Jason Momoa is wearing a grey suit and has a pink flower behind his ear, similar to the other flight attendants on the plane. He can be seen handing out water bottles to the passengers.

According to the New York Post, Jason Momoa distributed water bottles from his own sustainable brand called Manannalu to the passengers. It is also rumored that he gave each passenger 10,000 Hawaiian Airlines Miles, but there is no official confirmation from the actor or the airline company regarding this.

The original video, shared by Kylee Yoshikawa, captured the moment when Jason Momoa distributed water bottles to the passengers while they cheered. Kylee received the video from her grandmother and shared it on TikTok, where it gained popularity and spread to other social media platforms. The caption of the video mentioned that Jason Momoa was acting as the flight attendant.

According to reports, Jason Momoa is currently in a relationship with Mexican actor Eiza Gonzalez. The couple had previously separated but there are rumors of a reconciliation, with both of them working on their relationship. Fans can look forward to seeing Jason Momoa in the upcoming film Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, scheduled to be released in March 2023.

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