Kill Bill: Vol 3- Everything Else We Know

Kill Bill: Vol 3- Everything Else We Know

Kill Bill: Vol 3: Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has been toying with the idea of filming a third edition of the renowned Kill Bill series for years. In earlier interviews, the Oscar winner has also expressed interest in discussing some of his ideas for the Kill Bill sequel.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 was released in 2003 and featured Uma Thurman in one of her most notable appearances as The Bride. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 was released in 2004 and was met with critical and financial acclaim. The Bride’s quest to kill the rest of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and Bill persisted in Kill Bill: Vol. 2, and when she managed to reach Bill, she made a startling revelation: her daughter, B.B, who she assumed died after being shot in the head at her wedding, is alive and was raised by Bill. The Bride lived up to the film’s title by killing Bill with the renowned Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique and fleeing to begin a new life with her daughter.

Despite the fact that Kill Bill: Vol. 2 concluded The Bride’s story and saw her fulfill her promise to, well, kill Bill, Tarantino has been hinting at plans for a third film since its release. The filmmaker addressed the notion of directing Kill Bill: Vol. 3 in an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Is Kill Bill Vol. 3 Happening?

When it comes to Kill Bill: Vol. 3, the filmmaker remarked at the last San Diego Comic-Con, “Never say never, we’ll see.” Comments like these, which Tarantino has sneaked into discussion several times over the years, feed his cultish fanbase’s eagerness to see the picture come to life. While recent months have not brought new confirmed updates for Kill Bill: Vol. 3, new rumors suggest that getting this story back on screens is a goal of Quentin Tarantino, and it will happen sooner or later.

Since Tarantino publicly stated that he would only create ten films, the remaining number is dropping, especially since Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood was his ninth. On the other hand, Tarantino has made ten films; he considers the first two Kill Bill films as one because he intended them to be a single, long movie. Because there are only two Kill Bill movies, it’s conceivable that he’d throw a third into the same genre and call it a sequel to the first two. Fans will have to wait to find out if he considers Kill Bill a single property because it’s the only legitimate Tarantino film with sequels.

Almost twenty years after Kill Bill: Vol. 1, it is possible to think it may be too late for a sequel. However, the recent success of other legacy sequels may prompt the filmmaker and studio to move forward.

Kill Bill Vol. 3: The Plot

However, there is some indication for a possible third installment in the sword-wielding Bride’s deadly vengeance story, commencing with the rumor’s original source. The Bride murders Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) in front of her daughter (Ambrosia Kelley) in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and welcomes her to pursue revenge, which screams for loose ends to be closed up. “It was not my intention to do this in front of you. For that, I’m sorry. But you can take my word for it. Your mother had it comin’. When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I’ll be waiting,” the Bride says.

According to IndieWire, Bell and The Bride’s daughter, B.B. Kiddo (Perla Haney-Jardine), are now nearly 20 years old, the ideal age for confronting 45-year-old Uma Thurman in a dangerous fight with Hanzo swords. Tarantino claims Thurman is defeated, saying at Comic-Co:

Kill Bill Vol. 3: The Cast

If Kill Bill: Vol. 3 happens, Quentin Tarantino has the right actor in mind to portray The Bride’s daughter. Imagine The Bride and her daughter B.B. living in peace for 20 years, only to have it destroyed and the Bride and B.B. fleeing. The prospect of casting Uma Thurman and her daughter, Maya Hawke, in a film would be thrilling.

Maya Hawke, the actress known for playing Robin Stranger Things and the real-life daughter of Uma Thurman, has shown interest in being a part of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s long-rumored sequel, Kill Bill: Vol. 3. Fans of Tarantino’s deadly vengeance story have praised the thought of Maya Hawke for the part, and while the actress realizes the folly of such speculations, she does state that she would welcome the opportunity.

Vivica A. Fox sparked interest in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 3, telling NME that she’s like to see Zendaya play Vernita Green’s daughter if former actress Ambrosia Kelley didn’t return for the still-untitled sequel. Fox’s fan-casting proposal caused a stir and eventually reached Zendaya, who told Empire Magazine that she was grateful for the mention.

Release Date

The director of the prior two films has spoken about the potential for a third movie over the years and what exactly that would entail.In 2004, when Kill Bill 2 was released then Tarantino revealed to the press that he was already thinking for a potential third film.

He had also indicated to the idea involving Vivica A. Fox’s character. She played the daughter of Vernita Green and tried to segue herself away from the assassination squad to live a normal life as a homemaker, to end up seeking her own revenge.

After that, in December 2015, Tarantino revealed that he’s had an idea for what he would like to do for the third installment, but he has been waiting for the actors to age naturally.

In 2019, when Quentin Tarantino only has one movie left to make before his planned retirement from feature filmmaking. While the director teased in several 2019 interviews with the idea of making his long-discussed “Kill Bill Vol. 3”. But now, it seems unlikely he’ll follow through, as he wants his final movie to be “an epilogue” to his career.

And now, Tarantino remains excited by what a potential “Kill Bill Vol. 3” would have in store, who will be in this film? This week, he addressed it again and offered some stellar dream-casting.

The film is still in announced status, so very little is known about this film. We’ll update this as soon as there’s any official information regarding this film. So, stay tuned here on Filmyhotspot, if you want to know more information about Tarantino’s final movie “Kill Bill Vol. 3”.

Are you excited to watch it? Have you seen previous two ‘Kill Bill’ movies? Did you like it? Do you like to watch Tarantino’s movies? Let us know via comments section.

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