Lightyear: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Disney Film

Lightyear: Everything We Know About The Upcoming Disney Film

Pixar’s new film promises to tell the origin story of the astronaut that inspired the iconic toy space ranger. Here is everything we know so far.

Lightyear is a new spin-off in the Toy Story movie franchise, which will explore the origin story of the Space Ranger who inspired the Buzz Lightyear action figure owned by Andy and Bonnie throughout the original film franchise. The film is directed by Angus MacLane, who co-directed 2016’s Finding Dory, and is written by Up and Inside Out writer Pete Docter.

Watch the Teaser Trailer for Lightyear

Disney released the first trailer for Lightyear on October 29, 2021, which gives audiences a good look at the film’s stunning photorealistic animation as well as its futuristic worlds and characters. Additionally, the classic David Bowie song “Starman” sets the mood for most of the trailer.

Lightyear | Official Trailer

The recent Lightyear trailer gave us some helpful plot information about what audiences can expect from their favorite space ranger’s origin story. With that, let’s look at everything we know regarding the cast, plot, release, and everything else before the theatrical release this summer.

Lightyear | Official Trailer 2



Fans of the Toy Story franchise know that Tim Allen has been the voice of the iconic space ranger since the first film in 1995. However, Allen will not be reprising his role in this film. Instead, Chris Evans will be taking over the role of Buzz Lightyear. Evans confirmed his enthusiasm for the role in an October 2021 tweet, writing, “Animated movie [sic] were an enormous part of my childhood. They were my escape. My adventures. My dreams. They were my first window into the magic of storytelling and performing. ‘Thank you doesn’t even come close.”

Currently, no cast members from the Toy Story franchise are confirmed to appear in the upcoming film. Actors joining the cast of Lightyear include Keke Palmer (Izzy Hawthorne), Uzo Aduba (Alicia Hawthorne), Efren Ramirez (Diaz), Dale Soules (Steel), Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (Burnside), and Taika Waititi (Morrison). Longtime Pixar director and animator Peter Sohn will provide the voice of Buzz’s mechanical cat companion Sox. Buzz Lightyear’s archenemy Emperor Zurg is also slated to appear, though he has not confirmed.

Is Lightyear Toy Story 5?

Lightyear is set to be a spin-off film within the Toy Story franchise, following the human Buzz Lightyear who inspired the toy of the same name within the film’s universe. Therefore, Lightyear won’t be considered Toy Story 5 and we’d be very surprised if Woody and toy Buzz made an appearance in the Chris Evans film. Accordingly, there will be a Toy Story 5 in the future.


The film’s plot will explore the origin story of the astronaut Buzz Lightyear, the inspiration for the in-universe space ranger of the same name. We can get an idea of the adventures we may expect from the iconic Buzz Lightyear from the trailer. We know that Buzz will be stranded on an alien planet as a part of Star Command, which fans may recall from the Toy Story films. The trailer also depicts Buzz facing off against previously established archenemy Emperor Zurg, joined by Sox, his new robotic cat sidekick.

We will have to wait and see for more detailed plot information, as Disney and Pixar are keeping most of the details confidential, likely to drive up demand for when the film is released.

Release Date

The film is currently set to be released in theaters in the United States on June 17, 2022.

However, The Mary Sue explained, “Lightyear isn’t expected to release simultaneously on Disney+ and in theaters, like other recent films. So don’t expect to be able to watch it at home on June 17″. With that being said, the movie will be in IMAX and RealD 3D theaters as well.



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