Lost Bullet 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything

Lost Bullet 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything

Netflix has revealed the teaser trailer for the Lost Bullet sequel, which confirms the release date of the French-language movie. And also, it is officially titled Lost Bullet 2: Back for more.

Lost Bullet 2 is the continuation of the French movie Lost Bullet which came out in 2020. Now, after almost two years, the upcoming sequel is ready to hit the screens.

The Trailer

Netflix has revealed a new trailer for the Lost Bullet sequel, which shows some high-octane action-packed scenes from the French-language movie.

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Lost Bullet 2: What about the cast & crew?

Do you recall Stéfi Celma and Alban Lenoir from Call My Agent! and French Blood, respectively? Yes, these celebrities will appear in Lost Bullet 2, a fast-paced action thriller. The co-stars of this anticipated sequel are Pascale Arbillot, Sébastien Lalanne, and Diego Martin. In Lost Bullet 2, Lino and his vehicle are returning for more excitement.

Lost Bullet 2

What about the plot?

Lost Bullet which was released in 2020 follows Lino who is a mechanic with a passion for ram cars, he gets arrested for a heist that goes wrong. In order to avoid prison, he accepts a deal that is offered by a drug law enforcement unit.

He later gets wrongfully accused of murder and in order to prove himself innocent Lino embarks on the hunt for the bullet that is lodged in a missing car.

The story continues in the sequel Lost Bullet 2, in which Lino after having his name cleared from the accusations, takes over and forms a new narcotic unit with Julia.

He is now determined to take revenge on the corrupt cops that killed his brother and mentor.

Lost Bullet 2

Lost Bullet 2: When will it release?

This November, Lost Bullet 2: Back for More, will be available on Netflix. The release day for the sequel is set for November 10, 2022. The second Thursday in November should be noted, and popcorn buckets should be prepared. Until then, you can watch Lost Bullet 1 again to finish the narrative and quickly review it.

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