Make Way For Keanu Reeves In And As The Ghost Rider

Make Way For Keanu Reeves In And As The Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider in the MCU: Keanu Reeves is currently basking in the success of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’. However, the media keep asking him if he would ever be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, his movies got banned in China because of his sympathy toward the Tibetan exodus. On social media, fans of Keanu firmly believe that even the Chinese state government would not be able to stop the storm if Keanu played Ghost Rider in the Marvel world. This time they have the proof for their claims.

When Keanu Reeves expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider in the MCU

The ‘John Wick’ actor didn’t shy away from revealing his interest in becoming a Marvel Superhero. Reeves said, “Isn’t it bigger than the universe? It is almost like a Multiverse. It is a Marvel-verse”, and added further, “It would be an honour”. He stated that the MCU has an incredible group of directors who are pushing the envelope and doing something unprecedented.

For Keanu, being part of the Marvel universe is no less than special. He would chance upon the opportunity of playing a cool character in Marvel. He even confessed that he would like to play Ghost Rider in the MCU. One fan just made this dream a reality by launching his Ghost Rider teaser on YouTube.

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‘Ghost Rider’ New Teaser

In the video, the fan has mixed the videos of Agents of SHIELD, the Nic Cage-led Ghost Rider movies, and has created a fun-filled trailer.

Video Credits: stryder HD

The fan has exclusively expressed his desire to see Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider under the StryderHD Concept. He wants an early reboot of the popular Marvel character featuring Reeves. The viewers who saw the video also are rooting for Keanu to take up the role of Ghost Rider. However, they know that it is up to MCU to decide.

Even if Reeves does not join ‘Ghost Rider’, fans have something to look forward to. He is soon returning to his signature movie ‘John Wick’, as the fourth segment of the movie is set to release next year.

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