Monster Season 2: Everything We Know

Monster Season 2: Everything We Know

Netflix is continuing Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story with Monster season 2 – but it will focus on a new killer, changing a lot from season 1.

After Evan Peter’s depiction of Jeffrey Dahmer captured the cultural zeitgeist in 2022, Ryan Murphy’s Monster season 2 and 3 are on the way, and each will focus on a different serial killer. Monster season 1 was a massive success for Netflix, making their quick order for Monster season 2 an understandable decision. There’s a lot to go over, including what’s changing after Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, when Monster season 2 could release, and who it might be about. Evan Peters’ performance in Monster didn’t go unnoticed, as he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie, which only brought more attention to the 2022 show.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is a Netflix biopic series that chronicles the life of Jeffrey Dahmer (Evan Peters) — the infamous serial killer who murdered, dismembered, cannibalized, and sexually abused many of his 17 confirmed victims. Although Netflix’s Monster has been mired in controversy, its immense popularity has led Netflix to carry it forward with a double renewal. Monster took a much more in-depth look at the serial killer’s murders, chronicling many of them in real time. While not many details are known yet, there are some strong hints regarding the future of Monster season 2.

The Latest Monster Season 2 News

The most attention-worthy Monster season 2 update the news it will be an anthology series. Instead of focusing Dahmer again, Monster season 2 will tell the story of another notorious serial killer, presumably formatted similarly to season 1. Monster season 2 and season 3 will be similar to American Crime Story, with each season telling an entirely unrelated story with different actors. Making Monster season 2 an anthology has some massive effects on the show, as the series now has the potential for a seemingly infinite number of seasons focusing on the uncountable number of serial killers that have existed throughout time.

While Monster season 2 is set to tell an entirely new story, it doesn’t mean that the series will necessarily lose its main actor. Evan Peters is no stranger to anthology shows, appearing in over 10 seasons of Ryan Murphy’s wildly successful American Horror Story. While Monster is definitely a new type of undertaking for the actor, Murphy likes to work with select groups of talent in his products, and Peters is definitely one of them. Depending on which killer Monster season 2 will focus on it’s possible that Peters could appear in a supporting role, rather than portray another serial killer.

Monster Season 2 Is Confirmed

Netflix’s television executive Peter Friedlander said he was excited to move on with Ryan Murphy’s Monster. Friedlander said that he was happy to see what could come in the future from both Monster season 2 and a new season of Murphy’s The Watcher, which also got renewed. “I can’t reveal anything yet — but I do think there’s real enthusiasm around the partnership to tell those stories,” Friedlander revealed to Variety in December 2023. However, Murphy’s deal ends with the Netflix ends in 2023, which complicates things somewhat.

Monster Season 2 Predicted Release Date

There is currently no official Monster season 2 release date, but some predictions can be made based on contextual clues. Ryan Murphy’s other similar show, American Crime Story, releases a new season every two or three years, meaning Monster season 2 could come as late as 2024 or 2025 if it followed this trajectory. However, the success of the true Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and its various debates means that Netflix probably wants to capitalize on it, meaning that Monster season 2 will potentially be released far quicker, making it likely to be a 2023 release.

However, there can always be setbacks. First off, it’s not even clear if the story for Monster season 2 has been fully developed yet. The fact that Monster is set to explore “monstrous figures that have impacted society,” means that serial killers might not be the only figures to appear on the show, which could impact the series’ scope greatly. In addition, Ryan Murphy is a very busy man. While series like American Horror Story get their seasons delivered promptly, shows like American Crime Story have much more delayed releases. With this in mind, 2023 is a quick turnaround for Monster, and betting on early 2024 may be safer.

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