Moon Knight Episode 5 Teaser Released By Marvel

Moon Knight Episode 5 Teaser Released By Marvel

Moon Knight is gearing toward an explosive final two episodes. The hit MCU series has been the main subject of conversation among Marvel fans in the past month due to the impressive portrayal of Oscar Isaac as the titular hero with a dissociative identity disorder. The most recent episode, “The Tomb,” earned different reactions from fans since it delivered a shocking ending, showing Marc Spector and Steven Grant side by side inside a mental asylum.  

After the press received the first four installments, the last two episodes have been at the center of Moon Knight‘s marketing in the past week. The show’s executive producer Grant Curtis teased that Episodes 5 and 6 “are going to blow your mind,” while co-director Aaron Moorhead warned fans that they will be “surprised” by everything coming in the last two episodes.

Moon Knight’s Highly-Anticipated Episode 5 

Marvel Studios officially unveiled a brand-new promo for Moon Knight Episode 5, showcasing brief looks at the highly-anticipated penultimate installment. 

The 17-second promo includes key scenes from Episode 4 while offering a glimpse of Marc Spector’s confused face, Ammit’s tomb, and Spector running toward an unknown enemy: 

In a tweet, Disney’s President of Marketing Asad Ayaz hyped up the new promo, telling fans to “get ready” ahead of the episode’s premiere. 

Marc Spector’s Mental Dilemma 

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While this teaser only showed flashes of what’s to come in Episode 5, Episode 4’s cliffhanger ending should serve as more than enough reason for MCU fans to tune in on Disney+. 

The hype surrounding Moon Knight Episode 5 is clear from the start, indicating that the penultimate installment will likely have major ramifications for Marc Spector and Steven Grant. It remains to be seen how Episode 4’s shocking twist will be dissected, but the comics could hint at how it will be done.

Episode 4’s ending is clearly inspired by Jeff Lemire’s 2016 Moon Knight run. In that story, several Egyptian gods, including Ammit, transport Spector’s mind into the Overvoid, trapping him while filling it with lies and deceptions. 

It’s possible that the same thing happened with Spector during Episode 4, but it could be solely Ammit who transported Khonshu’s avatar into the Overvoid instead. 

Another twist that could happen in Episode 5 is Khonshu’s freedom from imprisonment. The remaining trailer footage that hasn’t been highlighted in the show reveals Spector’s return as the Fist of Vengeance, meaning that at some point in the final two episodes, the Egyptian Moon God will be freed, ultimately leading to the rebirth of his avatar.

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