Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and everything we know

Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and everything we know

Earlier in the year, Marvel introduced us to a new superhero, one with ties to the Gods of Egypt with the release of the series, Moon Knight on Disney+. Oscar Isaac played the titular hero, Marc Spector, a mercenary, and his alter Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift shop attendant. The season ended with the reveal of a third alter, Jake Lockley, in a post-credit scene, leaving the door open for the character and story to be revisited in Moon Knight season 2.

So what’s next for Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Khonshu, and the rest of the fantasy series cast? Well, we don’t like to brag, but we’re sort of internet archaeologists, and there’s nothing we like more than digging into the dirt of the web and finding secret knowledge, so here’s everything we learned about a potential Moon Knight season 2 release date. Warning, spoilers ahead!


Moon Knight Season 2: Plot

The plotline of the upcoming season is still hush-hush. However, The Season 2  of Moon Knight is likely to continue the adventures of Marc Spector as Moon Knight. The first season saw the Khoshu avatar deal with Harrow and his cultists. However, there are plenty of other potential storylines for the upcoming season that the series could explore.

Moon Knight is deliberately weird and experimental, at least for Marvel, so that makes it harder than usual to predict what’s coming next.

However, given that Jake Lockley – the third major Moon Knight personality – finally makes his debut in the post-credits scene, we imagine he’ll continue to play a key role moving forward. But is he a friend or foe to the other alters? That final “shot” in season one certainly suggests that Jake is someone you don’t want to mess with.

Brief hints at classic comic book villains like Bushman could also pay off moving forward, but this is all assuming Moon Knight even returns for a second season.

The Cast: Who will be in it?

According to this TikTok tease, the only person confirmed to be jumping into the Moon Knight season 2 cast (if it’s happening) is Oscar Isaac.

Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see the return of Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow. It might be hard to talk Hawke around again, and he did kind of get shot in the head at the end of the first series by one Jake Lockley, so it would be a hard one to pull off.

As for others, we’d expect the return of May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly given her heroic end and potential emergence as the Scarlet Scarab. Calamawy has the honor of being the MCU’s first Egyptian hero and explaining where she’d like to go next, she told Inverse she’d love to team up with Doctor Strange, Blade, Agatha Harkness, or Nebula. Well, it’s quite the list.

Finally, we imagine the Khonshu combo of Karim El Hakim and F. Murray Abraham will be back in action, as well as a hopeful return for Antonia Salib’s Taweret. Everyone needs more from that happy hippo.

Moon Knight Season 2: Release Date

The Moon Knight team had just begun the production for season 2. To be more specific, The show started its production in August 2022. According to the reports, season 2 of Moon Knight would be out in and around Spring 2023 with the same schedule as season 1 or in 2024. Moreover, these are just the speculations of fans.

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