My Policeman: All We Know So Far Harry Styles’ New Movie

My Policeman: All We Know So Far Harry Styles’ New Movie

Harry Styles is set to grace the screen in some exciting projects that fans are eagerly awaiting. One of them is the film Don’t Worry Darling, where he stars alongside his girlfriend Olivia Wilde. Additionally, Styles is taking on a role in a new film directed by Michael Grandage, based on the book My Policeman by Bethan Roberts. The story is set in the 1950s and revolves around a love triangle involving Styles’ character, Tom, and his two lovers, Marion and Patrick. While more details about the film are yet to be revealed, fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

What’s the plot of My Policeman?

In the book My Policeman, the story revolves around the lives of Marion and Tom, who work as a school teacher and a policeman respectively. They meet and fall in love in Brighton, but their relationship becomes complicated when Patrick, a grieving curator, enters their lives. Patrick and Tom also develop feelings for each other, despite homosexuality being illegal in 1950s Brighton.

For a while, the three of them manage to navigate their complicated dynamics, but eventually jealousy emerges, causing difficulties. The story then fast-forwards about 40 years later when Tom and Marion are married, and Patrick returns to their lives. This reunion brings significant consequences for the couple and leads to further complications in their relationships.

Overall, the book explores themes of love, secrecy, and the impact of societal restrictions on personal relationships.

Who is in the cast of My Policeman?

Harry Styles portrays the policeman, Tom, in the movie My Policeman, while Emma Corrin, known for her role in The Crown, plays his wife Marion. David Dawson takes on the role of the museum curator who Tom falls in love with. In the later 1990s timeline, Linus Roache portrays the older Tom, Gina McKee plays Marion, and Rupert Everett takes on the role of Patrick. According to Cinematicworld, Kadiff Kirwan from Chewing Gum and The Stranger is also part of the cast.

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Is My Policeman based on a true story?

According to an article she wrote for The Guardian in 2012, Bethan Roberts revealed that her book was inspired by real events involving novelist E.M. Forster. Forster was romantically involved with a policeman named Bob Buckingham, while also maintaining a friendship with Buckingham’s wife, May.

Roberts explained that May, despite feeling jealous and difficult, chose to ignore warnings about Forster’s intentions to break up her marriage. It is suggested that both May and Buckingham stood to benefit from Forster’s financial support and access to the cultural elite.

In the case of Forster and the couple, May eventually became Forster’s caretaker after he suffered a stroke.

When will My Policeman be released?

My Policeman will be available to stream on Prime Video on Nov. 4 this year, but if you just can’t wait, you can see it in movie theaters starting Oct. 21. The film will have its world premiere during the Toronto International Film Festival in September, though an exact date for the screening has not been announced yet.

Is there a trailer too?

Prime dropped a tease for the movie on June.

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