Netflix ‘Kill Boksoon’ : All you need to know

Netflix ‘Kill Boksoon’ : All you need to know

Jeon Do-Yeon, known for her role in Crash Course in Romance, takes the lead in Kill Boksoon. The film revolves around a skilled assassin who desires to leave her dangerous profession behind and focus on being a mother to her daughter. While she excels in the art of killing, it’s the complexities of parenting that present the true hurdles for her.

However, when Boksoon takes on her supposed “final” mission, she breaks the usual protocol of eliminating her targets without question. This decision puts her at the top of the hit list for every other assassin in her agency. Now, she must navigate the perilous situation of being hunted by a group of skilled killers. Will she be able to survive the onslaught and come out victorious?

Directed by Byun Sung-Hyun, known for his work on films like “Kingmaker” and “The Merciless,” this action-packed movie carries an R-rating. “Kill Boksoon” promises to deliver a visually appealing and thrilling experience, filled with impressive fight scenes that will leave audiences in awe. It’s a film that shouldn’t be overlooked, so stay tuned for more information and prepare yourself for an exciting ride.

Kill Boksoon release date

According to the information provided, “Kill Boksoon” is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Friday, March 31, 2023. Viewers on the west coast can begin streaming the film at midnight on the release day, while those on the east coast will have to wait until 3:00 a.m. ET to watch it.

Kill Boksoon cast

In “Kill Boksoon,” Jeon Do-Yeon, known for her role in “Crash Course in Romance,” plays the lead character Gil Boksoon. Joining her in the cast are Kim Si-a from “Kingdom: Ashin of the North,” Sol Kyung-gu from “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations,” and other talented actors. Esom, acclaimed for her breakout performance in “Scarlet Innocence,” and Koo Kyo-hwan, recognized from the Netflix Original series “D.P.,” are also part of the film’s ensemble.

Kill Boksoon synopsis

Gil Boksoon works for the MK Ent. agency as a highly skilled assassin. She has a flawless record of successful kills, but she also faces the challenges of being a mother to her teenage daughter, Jae-young. As her contract renewal approaches, Boksoon decides to retire in order to mend her relationship with her daughter. However, during her final mission, she uncovers a secret that leads her to break the agency’s rule of killers must try to execute all assignments regardless of the circumstances. As a result, she becomes the target of her own agency and the entire hitman industry.

Kill Boksoon trailer

Netflix released the final trailer for the upcoming film recently and you can watch it below.

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