Netflix : Worth a Series To watch

Netflix : Worth a Series To watch

Documentaries are really about a subject, along with entertainment It’s a medium where you can learn a lot about anything. For those who like such documentaries, Netflix has a separate list of Documentaries. So we thought we’d give you a list of documentaries worth seeing on Netflix. From there you can choose one or two good ones.

01. The Social Dilemma – watch on Netflix

How many of us are on social media right now? If someone reads this article on the website, the chances of that person being on a social network should be more than 99.9%. But what is the negative side of this on social media? That means the aside from family breakups, money laundering, false propaganda, and loss of privacy, are there other problems that can arise from social media? You can find out about it by watching this documentary. In this documentary, experts in various fields, in particular, discuss the negative effects of social media and their algorithms. You do not want to be left from social medias after watching this but you can use wisely them

02. Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

There are films about gangs who plan and steal money or other valuables, and sometimes police officers who are second to none in crime intelligence and this police team allows to catch those thieves. Lots of people love to watch them.If so, Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist Documentary is also special to them.This is actually about a bank robbery by a very ordinary pizza guy. But not for him. The real robbers who kidnapped Pizza Boy have planted a bomb around Pizza Boy’s neck. escape, tell the police, if you do that, it will blast. Now Pizza Boy has nothing to do but rob the bank. Then this is the crazy part of this.  This is a story about a robbery plot that actually took place. Finally, if you have any questions such as whether Pizza Boy survives, bank robbery or real thieves are caught, go and watch the documentary.

03. Senna – Watch on Netflix

For those who know Formula One racing and love to watch races, there is no way they should not know about Ayrton Senna. This documentary is about the historic Brazilian Formula One racing legend. In fact, Ayrton Senna’s death shocked the world. After all, Senna died in a 1994 racing car accident at the San Marino Grand Prix. In this documentary, the director, talks not only about Ayrton Senna’s prowess in becoming a Formula One racing legend, but also about his achievements and the excitement that Senna brought to Formula One racing, The controversy surrounding Ayrton Senna is similarly discussed. So this documentary will be a lot of fun not only for Senna fans who love Ayrton Senna but also for those who love Formula One racing.

04. Our Planet – Watch on Netflix

David Attenborough’s record tele-series proves every second that the sphere is as amazing as the little blue in which we live. This documentary, which captures the vastness of the world, the vastness of things, as well as the most subtleties of the earth, forces us to look at our homeland with a different eye, a beauty we do not see on Earth. But the documentary also reminds us of the thousands of dangers facing the Earth from climate change and reminds us that this is the only planet we live on.

05. Alien Worlds – Watch on Netflix

If anyone who has watched the aforementioned Our Planet documentary is curious about what the alien world looks like, it is well worth watch at the recently released Alien Worlds documentary series by Netflix original. Especially in comparison to the Earth we know, Very strange what alien worlds would look like, Alien Worlds has an in-depth discussion with real-world animations.

06. Tiger King – Watch on Netflix

When you say the name, you just think of a tiger king in the jungle, Or a documentary about a guy who breeds tigers? Symbolically, there is nothing wrong with that. But the story of this documentary is going crazy from episode to episode so much that no one can even guess.

This is actually a crime record miniseries. The main character in the story is Joe Exotic, the zookeeper. Although this story is about people who conserve tiger animals, some of them accuse Joe Exotic of torturing these animals. Now this story is gradually becoming centered around Joe. Joe is a weird guy. Joe, who is married to two more gay men, wants to be president of the United States. The story goes on and on until the murder charges.

07. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Anyone who loves to watch cooking videos, videos tasting from one place, videos reviewing food like that.  This Salt Fat Acid Heat is a documentary that suits them. In particular, it is based on the book of the same name written by Nosrath in this documentary. So the protagonist goes to California, to restaurants in countries like Japan, Mexico, Italy.  Go and explore the food in it. But Kara does not just say “Shah Mara is delicious”, it’s about going deeper, attracting people, preparing a good meal that makes people happy, We even explore the basics of creating such a dish.

One more thing to say. In fact, in addition to these documentaries on Netflix, there are many other documentaries and documentaries that are interesting and worth watching.

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