New Avatar Animated Series in the Works, Set After Legend of Korra

New Avatar Animated Series in the Works, Set After Legend of Korra

It has taken many, many years for larger corporate entities to fully understand what a wildly fantastic Avatar: The Last Airbender series is, and what it could become if given the attention it deserves. But now, eight years after The Legend of Korra ended, we are heading into a new era. A live-action Avatar series is coming to Netflix, and an adult-Aang-era Last Airbender animated movie is getting made.

However, a new report from sources from the widely-read Avatar News site says that something else is happening, and it’s what fans really want to see.

According to Avatar News, the next animated series in the Avatar universe — focusing on an Earthbender who succeeds Aang and Korra as the Avatar — is currently in the works at Avatar Studios and Paramount. The new series is said to be targeting a 2025 launch.

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What will be about

you might expect a series that takes place anywhere from 60 to 100 years after Korra and it will be in the Avatar world’s equivalent of our world’s present day.” It may feature some of the same characters (minus Korra herself, except in flashback or “wise sage Avatar ghost” form), but it would once again leap the world forward. The last gap between Aang and Korra moved the world into a sort of steampunk industrial era, and it’s not clear how much things would progress after that.

No further details about this projects are listed by the site, only its mere existence. But that’s enough to get fans excited all the same.

When Is New Series Coming Out?

Notably, in addition to the supposed new series, the very first animated Avatar feature film, which focuses on grown-up versions of Aang and his friends, is scheduled to premiere in theaters in 2025 — Oct. 10, 2025, to be exact. According to Avatar News, this is no accident: “[T]hey’re intentionally releasing both in the same year– part of a much bigger plan.” Seeing as how the first movie is also believed to be newly-formed Avatar Studios’ very first project, the outlet postulates that the new series will debut in either November or December 2025, barring a potential delay. At any rate, “they’re absolutely working on multiple projects in parallel right now.”

The Avatar Franchise Has Two Series Under Its Belt

Avatar: The Last Airbender originally aired for three seasons on the Paramount-owned Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. The beloved animated series centers on the airbending Avatar known as Aang, the last known living Air Nomad, who must gain mastery over the remaining three elements — water, earth and fire — in order to save the world from the invading Fire Nation.

New Avatar Animated Series

The Legend of Korra subsequently premiered on Nickelodeon in 2012. The show ran for two seasons on the network through 2013. In the middle of its third season in 2014, Korra moved from Nickelodeon proper to the channel’s website, The entire fourth season was then released as a exclusive, also in 2014. The Legend of Korra centers on Korra, a native of the Water Tribe who succeeds Aang as the Avatar.

Netflix’s Avatar: The last Airbender series

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