No Way Up: Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know

No Way Up: Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know

Disaster movies were once very popular in Hollywood, with films like “The Towering Inferno” and “The Poseidon Adventure” being big hits in the 1970s. However, in recent times, the genre has become less common, possibly overshadowed by other types of blockbuster films, such as superhero movies.

Of course, there are still disaster movies that grab our attention, like “Deepwater Horizon,” “San Andreas,” and “The Wave.” Now, there’s a new film called “No Way Up,” which has been described as a thrilling combination of a disaster movie and a survival thriller by The Hollywood Reporter.

Want to learn more about the exciting and thrilling experiences in store? Continue reading to discover everything we currently know about “No Way Up.” However, we must note that if you have concerns about plane crashes or if you tend to feel claustrophobic, this intense story might be too gripping for your liking.

No Way Up

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What is the plot of No Way Up?

“No Way Up” will tell the story of two unexpected allies, played by Colm Meaney and Phyllis Logan, who find themselves in a fight for survival after their plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. With their damaged aircraft on the brink of sinking and a scarce air supply for everyone on board, the chances of staying alive appear incredibly slim.

According to Fäh, the director of the film, “No Way Up” is a thrilling tale of survival in the most challenging conditions. Based on the available plot details, the situation depicted in the movie can be described as extremely intense and terrifying.

“A rollercoaster ride filled with suspense and thrills, with a group of wonderfully crafted characters who are driving this story, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles,” the director went on (via THR). “To bring them to life with a cast of this caliber is a wonderful opportunity.”

No Way Up
Photo by Kevin Baker – © Altitude Films

Who is starring in the movie?

Following scheduling conflicts with Kelsey Grammar, Colm Meaney took over the lead role in the film. He is joined by Phyllis Logan, known for her work in “Downton Abbey.” While specific details about their characters are still under wraps, Altitude Film Sales shared on Instagram that the film “sees characters from very different backgrounds thrown together.”

Meaney is widely recognized for his notable roles in various “Star Trek” projects, such as “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine.” Additionally, he has made appearances in popular TV shows like “Law & Order” and movies like “Get Him to the Greek.” On the other hand, Logan is predominantly known for her performances in both dramas and comedies. She gained significant acclaim for her portrayal of Mrs. Hughes in “Downton Abbey” and Lady Jane Felsham in “Lovejoy.” Recently, she joined the cast of the BBC series “Guilt,” where she plays the role of a devoted mother who uses a wheelchair.

The cast of “No Way Up” also features Will Attenborough, Grace Nettle, Sophie McIntosh, James Carroll Jordan, Manuel Pacific, and Jeremias Amoore.

No Way Up
Photo by © Altitude Films

Who is directing?

“No Way Up” will be directed by Claudio Fäh, a Swiss director known for his experience in action movies. He made his directorial debut with the full-length feature film “Coronado” in 2003 and has since directed films such as “Hollow Man 2” (2006), “Sniper: Reloaded” (2011), “Northmen: The Viking Saga” (2014), and “Sniper: Ultimate Kill” (2017).

The creative team behind “No Way Up” includes producers Annalise Davis (“Up There”) and Molly Conners (“Birdman”), along with Mayson, Runagall, and Will Clarke from Altitude Film Entertainment. The screenplay for the film is written by Andy Mayson, who has expertise in crafting disaster tales. Mayson has previously produced films such as the shark thriller “47 Meters Down” and the zombie flick “The Girl With All the Gifts.”

When will No Way Up be released?

According to Deadline, filming for “No Way Up” wrapped in May 2022.

According to IMDb, the highly anticipated movie ‘No Way Up’ is set to be released on August 17, 2023.

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