One Direction : scattered in many directions

One Direction : scattered in many directions

From time to time there are songs in the world that become so popular that they become a craze. Maybe that wave of popularity will reach our country as well. Backstreet Boys’ Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) song, Michael Jackson’s Earth Song song, Ed Sheeran singer’s Shape of you song are some of the songs that caused a worldwide craze. Some of these popular songs have garnered over a billion views on YouTube.

By the end of 2011, a song was released that managed to create such a frenzy. The song is released to the world as “What makes you beautiful”. Due to this song, a band of young people who had just turned 18 at that time became popular all over the world overnight. Originally composed of five members, the band was known as One Direction, or 1D for short.

If you are also a One Direction fan, this article will show you how they came together as a band, their journey in the music industry as well as their current status. If you do not like this band, it will be even more important to know their information.

one direction members
Team members (left to right, Lewis Tomlinson, Neol Horan, Sean Malik Liam Payne, Harry Styles)

A friendship formed by a match – One Direction

“The X Factor” is one of the most popular comedy shows in the world, based in the United Kingdom. Through that program, many talented singers joined the international music industry. Something special happened on July 23, 2010, the day of the seventh phase of this show. The judges ruled that five individual contestants did not perform well enough to advance to the next round.

Niall Horan, Sean Malik, Liam Payne, Lewis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles are the youngsters who failed to advance to the next round. But a member of the panel, Simon Cowell, made a very wise decision. He calls the five young men aside and makes a different proposal. He suggests that it would be more appropriate for these five young men to compete as a team than to compete separately.

These young men, who have just reached the age of eighteen, highly welcome this proposal made by Simon Cowell for their future.

Accordingly, these youngsters will have another opportunity to showcase their talents without leaving the competition. Had it not been for Simon Cowell’s decision and his help, these young men would have missed out on the opportunity to transcend the music world in a very short time. During the match they formed a team called One Direction and re-entered the race and soon became popular.

They fought hard in the finals, but failed to win The X-Factor Seventh. But they finish third in the tournament. During the telecast of the program, the audience was fascinated by the friendship between the five young men. As a reward for finishing third in the competition, they will have the opportunity to sign a two million euro deal with Simon Cowell. Taking full advantage of it, the journey they have taken in the field of music to this day is truly amazing.

one direction with simoon cowell
Team members with Simon Cowell, who gave life to the One Direction team

The first album was a huge success – One Direction

In 2011, One Direction released their first album, “Up All Night”. The album also features What Makes You Beautiful, the first song they officially released as a band. Their debut album was released to the world, breaking many records.

Meanwhile, One Direction became the first British band to win the number one spot on the “Billboard Hot 200” chart with their debut album. Their second release, Take Me Home, showed a remarkable growth in their talents.

Their third album, “Midnight Memories”, was released in 2013, and the collection took on a slightly different style from their usual style. There they successfully incorporated some of the features of Western music of the 80’s into this album.

Building a fan base in the United States is not always easy for a European-born singer or band. Recognize that it would be easy to gain international popularity if it was possible to build such a fan base in the United States.

That’s because it has such a strong music industry. One Direction is one of only a handful of European-born singers to invade the US music industry.

Their first four albums topped the Billboard charts four times in a row, becoming one of the most successful and popular music charts in the United States. One Direction is currently releasing their last album, Made in A.M. Only that song came in second on the charts.

one direction album cover
An album cover of the song ‘What makes you beautiful’ that made the One Direction band extremely popular

Zain Malik is out – 1D

It took the One Direction team a very short time to reach the pinnacle of popularity. During the six years that they were active as a team, their popularity did not diminish at all. But there were some crises in the team during that short period. Its climax came after the release of the album “FOUR”.

Zain Malik is considered to be one of the most attractive looking people in the One Direction band. He left the band while the band was in its golden age, much to the amazement of the fans. A week after Malik’s decision not to attend an upcoming tour due to stress, he officially announced his resignation.

After Zain Malik left the team, the remaining four members worked hard to move the One Direction team forward as usual.

Accordingly, Made in the A.M. Released in 2015. Even in the absence of Sein Malik, the album has been a huge success in terms of sales, and has managed to reach the top of many leading music charts.

But to the dismay of the fans who had gathered around One Direction, Made in the A.M. The One Direction band disbands after the music album.

zain malik

An endless break – 1D

Made in the A.M. It was officially announced to the world that the band members will take a long break after the release of the album. Less than a year after that announcement, newspapers reported that they had decided not to renew their recording contract.

Usually One Direction is a band that creates daily news. As a result, various rumors began to spread about their departure.

They were very hard working people when they were active as a band. Due to the huge popularity and the series of concerts organized across several continents, the members’ personal lives were almost completely lost.

From time to time the members had different opinions about the dissolution of the group. Team member Niall Horan once told the media that they were too tired and that there were occasional criticisms and arguments among members due to the busy schedule.

Niall added that they all sat down together one day to discuss a very cordial situation, and that they decided to part ways, taking into account their future plans and their desire to do something new. The general opinion of all the members was that if they continued as a team, the team would be more likely to fail in the face of the prevailing oppressive environment.

However, later on, when they were together as a group, conflicts and misunderstandings were reported to the media from time to time.

harry style in dunkirk movie
Harry Styles in the ‘Dunkirk’ movie

In their own way – 1D

Today, One Direction is a band that has temporarily suspended its activities. There is no clear indication of when they will reunite. Today, all members of the band are involved in their own solo music. Leaving the band in the first place, Malik’s solo album Mind of Mine, Icarus Falls, became a huge success.

Another impressive member of the band, Harry Styles, had a huge success with his self-titled album. He is also an actor now. Harry Styles starred in the movie “Dunkirk” directed by Christopher Nolan. More of his films are yet to come.

Neol Horan, the only member of the band of Irish descent, presented his solo songs to fans with a different style of

music than all of these.

His solo albums Flicker and Heartbreak Weather quickly became popular. In addition, members Lewis Tomlinson and Lime Payne are also successful in solo music today.

Neol Horan
Neol Horan

One Direction, however, was one of the few bands to ignite the flames of success in a very short period of time in the international music industry. But they are still reaping the benefits of that success. To this day, their fans around the world are hoping to re-establish One Direction. This is because they have not yet officially disbanded.

So, what is your favorite song from One Direction?

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