Shotgun Wedding: All you need to know

Shotgun Wedding: All you need to know

Jennifer Lopez is coming back to romantic comedies with two new movies. Although she has been in other films that could be considered love stories, her latest rom-com was in 2018. Now, she has two upcoming romantic films, and we’re excited to share the details of “Shotgun Wedding.”

Shotgun Wedding release date and where to watch

Save the date: “Shotgun Wedding” is set to be released on Prime Video on January 27, 2023.

“Shotgun Wedding” is a romantic comedy centered around a destination wedding. The movie is set to be released in June, making it a great summer film. It comes after Jennifer Lopez’s previous wedding-themed rom-com, “Marry Me,” which was released more than a year prior. “Shotgun Wedding” had undergone changes in its cast since its initial announcement in 2019. However, the recasting was finalized in late February 2021, and filming began shortly after, wrapping up in April 2021.

Initially, “Shotgun Wedding” was scheduled for a theatrical release on June 29, 2022, by Lionsgate. However, in March 2022, Amazon Studios acquired the rights to the film. It will now be released digitally on Prime Video, a streaming platform owned by Amazon. The film will be available for streaming on Prime Video in 86 countries and territories worldwide through a partnership between Amazon Studios and Lionsgate.

What is Shotgun Wedding?

“Shotgun Wedding” is a movie that revolves around the dramatic events that unfold on a couple’s wedding day. The couple plans a destination wedding and gathers their loved ones to celebrate. However, amidst the stress and the interference of their opinionated family members, they start having doubts about getting married. Things take an unexpected turn when the entire wedding party is held hostage before the ceremony begins. Now, with their lives at stake, the couple must put aside their differences and work together to rescue their loved ones. The movie combines elements of action and romance, showcasing Jennifer Lopez as she takes on the role of a kick-ass heroine in a wedding dress.

Shotgun Wedding cast

Guess who is the star of “Shotgun Wedding”? It’s none other than Jennifer Lopez, who is known for her roles in romantic comedies. In the movie, she portrays the character of Darcy. She is joined by Josh Duhamel, who plays the role of Tom. Interestingly, Duhamel was not the first choice for the role. Initially, Ryan Reynolds was set to star in the film, but he was later replaced by Armie Hammer. However, due to the serious allegations against Hammer, he decided to step down from the project in January 2021. Shortly after, Josh Duhamel was brought in as his replacement.

Besides Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, “Shotgun Wedding” also stars several other well-known actors. Sônia Braga has a role in the movie, but it hasn’t been specified yet. Jennifer Coolidge plays a character named Carol, while Lenny Kravitz portrays Sean, Cheech Marin is Robert, and D’Arcy Carden is Harriet. Selena Tan takes on the role of Marge, Desmin Borges plays Ricky, and Alex Mallari Jr. is known as Dog-Face. Callie Hernandez appears as Jamie, and Steve Coulter as Larry. It’s an impressive cast coming together for this romantic comedy with some action-packed moments!

Shotgun Wedding directors, writer and more

“Shotgun Wedding” is directed by Jason Moore, who previously directed films like “Pitch Perfect” and “Sisters” starring Tina Fey. The story of the film was developed by Mark Hammer, known for writing the romantic comedy “Two Night Stand” in 2014. Elizabeth Merriwether, who has experience writing romantic storylines on the TV show “New Girl,” collaborated with Hammer on the script. The film is produced by Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Jennifer Lopez, and Benny Medina. It’s a talented team behind the scenes bringing this romantic comedy to life.

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