Sweet Tooth Season 2: What to Expect

Sweet Tooth Season 2: What to Expect

Sweet Tooth season 2 will be headed to Netflix in 2023. The DC comics series proved a hit on Netflix back in 2021 and was given a swift season 2 order but thanks to a long production process, the wait has been long. Here’s our comprehensive guide to what we know so far about Sweet Tooth season 2, including what new characters are going to feature, what we can expect, and when we’re getting our next news dump.

Based on the DC comic of the same name by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth was developed for the screen by Jim Mickle. Sweet Tooth touched down on Netflix on June 4th, 2021. It comes from Warner Brothers Television, DC Entertainment, and Team Downey. Originally intended for streaming service Hulu, it found its way onto Netflix, where it became another runaway success for the platform. Despite its gut-wrenching premise and narrative, many fell in love with cute little Gus, and happily binged all eight episodes of its premiere season.

Sweet Tooth Season 2

The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a viral pandemic wipes most of the world’s population. It also sees the birth of hybrid babies. Our story focuses on Gus, a young boy who is a half-human half-deer living in a remote location with his father.

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The Story So Far

Sweet Tooth adapts the work of Jeff Lemire which centers on Gus (Convery), a half-human, half-animal hybrid living in a post-apocalyptic world affected by a deadly virus known as the Sick. It’s set ten years after “The Great Crumble,” an event that marked the end of society as we know it and saw most of the population wiped out by the sick. In the wake of the disease, hybrids like Gus were born and often shunned, persecuted, and hunted down for their perceived role in the apocalypse.

After his father dies from the Sick, Gus decides to look for his mother, who he finds a photo of in a box his father buried under a tree before he died. The word “Colorado” had been written underneath the image. Unfortunately, Gus doesn’t get very far before he runs into a group of poachers alerted to his position by the fire he’d set during the day. They had planned on killing him, but Gus startles them with his ability to speak, and they are killed by Tommy Jepperd, a lone traveler and reformed Last Man (a group of humans who hunt hybrids), who decides to save Gus.

Sweet Tooth Season 2

He tries to leave the young boy behind, but Gus follows him insistently, referring to him as “Big Man”. Together, the two begin their perilous adventure to Colorado, where Gus believes his mother is. Big Man is initially unwilling to go, but he eventually accepts that he’s stuck with Gus. Then both together start the journey.

What Will Happen in Netflix’s Sweet Tooth Season 2?

The first season ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving the audience unsure of what to expect next. While season one focused on the survival of the adults, season two is likely to focus more on the children.

Season 2 will continue the story that ended with Gus meeting Dr. Singh, who decides to continue his experiments on the hybrid boy who doesn’t appear the same as the others. It is highly likely that we are going to see Jepperds and Aimee team up together to save not only their kids but every other hybrid child that General Abbot and his men abducted.

Who Is Cast In ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2? 

Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Will Forte, Stefania LaVie Owen, Dania Ramirez, Aliza Vellani, and Neil Sandilands are expected to return. James Brolin should also be back as the narrator of the series in season 2.

Additionally, the following new characters will appear in season 2: Finn Fox, Wally Walrus, Haley Mockingbird, and JoJo Cat. There were casting calls for these hybrids, though we don’t know who will be playing them yet. We’ll keep you easy once we hear new casting announcements.

When is the Expected Release Date

We’re expecting season 2 of Sweet Tooth on Netflix sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2023. Indeed, Peter Friedlander confirmed via a Variety interview that season 2 would debut on Netflix in 2023.

‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2 Production Status

‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2 began production in January 2022 in Auckland and Warkworth in New Zealand

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