The Crown: Princess Diana’s Car Crash Scene Won’t Be Filmed For Season 6, Is Netflix Trying To Dodge Controversies?

The Crown: Princess Diana’s Car Crash Scene Won’t Be Filmed For Season 6, Is Netflix Trying To Dodge Controversies?

“Latest Update: The Crown Season 6 Will Exclude Depiction of Princess Diana’s Fatal Car Crash”

Netflix is gearing up to release the highly anticipated 5th season of their popular show, The Crown, which focuses on the fictionalized story of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. One of the main reasons for the excitement is how the show handles the portrayal of Princess Diana, especially as the storyline approaches her tragic death. Interestingly, the creators have found a way to navigate this sensitive topic.

In the fourth season of The Crown, Princess Diana, portrayed by Emma Corrin, and Prince Charles, portrayed by Josh O’Connor, were introduced. This caused quite a stir, including the Royal Family distancing themselves from the show and expressing their disapproval. However, this has only heightened curiosity about the direction the story will take in the upcoming season.

As the release of the new season approaches on November 9, the biggest question surrounding The Crown is how the show will handle Princess Diana’s death in Season 6. Netflix has made it clear that they will not depict the impact of the car crash. In a statement, the streaming giant confirmed that “the exact moment of the crash impact will not be shown.”

According to an insider, the production of the TV series “The Crown” has been experiencing a level of tension and anxiety leading up to a particular point in the show’s storyline. The insider mentioned that the team has been dreading reaching this point and acknowledged a sense of being on edge. The source referred to the upcoming storyline as having “bombshell sensitivity,” suggesting that it may involve significant and potentially controversial events or revelations.

Based on the information provided, it seems that “The Crown” will depict the events leading up to and following the car crash, but the actual crash itself will not be shown on screen. The focus will be on the lead-up, including the car leaving The Ritz with paparazzi following, as well as the aftermath involving the British Ambassador to France, the Foreign Office, and the subsequent constitutional consequences. The show will likely explore the broader implications and fallout surrounding the incident rather than directly depicting the crash itself.

Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed tragically died on August 31, 1997, in a car accident while they were in Paris. Since then, there have been various theories surrounding their deaths, some of which are quite wild and controversial. These theories have sparked debate and speculation over the past two decades, adding to the intrigue surrounding the circumstances of the accident.

In The Crown season 5, the role of Princess Diana will be portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, while Dominic West will play Prince Charles.

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