The Cursed Season 2- Cancelled or Renewed?

The Cursed Season 2- Cancelled or Renewed?

“The Cursed” is a TV series based on a novel by Tom Wheelers and Frank Miller. It tells the story of Excalibur, the legendary sword from Arthurian legend, through the perspective of a young girl with a mysterious destiny. The first part of the series was released on Netflix in July 2020 and gained popularity. However, there is currently no confirmation from Netflix regarding the renewal of the show for another season. Fans are eager to know if there will be a second season of “The Cursed,” but the information is still uncertain.

The Cursed
Katherine Langford stars as Nimue. Netflix

The Cursed Season 1 overview

The story of “The Cursed” centers around Nimue, a young girl with the ability to control plants. Because of her powers, she is considered a witch by society. Her fate is tied to becoming the sorrowful lady of the lake. Arthur, a teenage mercenary, joins her in her battle against the red paladin.

“Nimue” is on a mission to deliver the legendary sword Excalibur. As she embarks on her journey, we see her character grow and evolve, showcasing acts of heroism and bravery along the way.

The Cursed Season 1 Cast

The cast of Cursed includes Katherine Langford in the lead role as “Nimue.” Other notable cast members include Devon Turell as Arthur, Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin, Daniel Sharman as the Weeping Monk Lancelot, Sebastian Armesto as King Uther, Lily Newmark as Pym, Peter Mullan as Father Carden, Shalom Brune-Franklin as sister Igraine, Bella Dayne as the red spear, and Matt Stokoe as the Green Knight.

Will there be season 2?

Unfortunately, Netflix decided to cancel Cursed in July 2021, and the exact reason for this decision is still unknown. Speculation suggests that the show didn’t attract enough viewers, leading to its unexpected cancellation. However, if another platform or network picks up the action drama, there may be a possibility of a second season. As of now, we have to wait patiently for any news regarding the show’s renewal. Additionally, the global production halt due to various factors might delay the release of Cursed Part Two. Nevertheless, we remain optimistic that there may be good news in the future.

Katherine Langford stars as Nimue & Devon Terrell as Arthur.Netflix

Will Cursed Season 2 Ever Happen?

After the cancellation of Cursed, some dedicated fans started a campaign on social media with the hashtag #SavedCursed, hoping that another streaming service would pick up the series. However, the cast members have been released from their contracts, which makes a return unlikely. Although there were plans for content in Cursed Season 2, and the first season ended with a cliffhanger, it appears that Netflix has truly canceled the show. Furthermore, there is only one book available for fans to continue the story, as the creators have not yet made a sequel. However, there are hints that another novel might be in the works. While Cursed Season 2 is highly unlikely, the series had a good run, and the actors have expressed their gratitude for being part of the project even after its cancellation.

The Cursed

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