The Holiday 2 Rumors Are Everywhere Today, But Winslet And Director Nancy  Say Not So Fast

The Holiday 2 Rumors Are Everywhere Today, But Winslet And Director Nancy Say Not So Fast

With the holiday season here, it’s a great time to revisit the most beloved and popular Christmas movies of all time. One of the public’s cinematic circulations this December will likely be 2006 romantic comedy The Holiday, starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black. The charming flick has remained a favorite for many over the years, so when one outlet reported that the stars were coming back for The Holiday 2, plenty of us were over the moon. However, director Nancy Meyers as well as Winslet have refuted these rumors. 

Rumblings of The Holiday 2 began circulating after The Sun alleged that “the main talent are all signed up” and that the sequel would purportedly be filmed “next year.” It didn’t take Nancy Meyers all that long to respond. Here’s what she posted on Instagram

The filmmaker, who both wrote and directed the modern classic, screenshotted one of the news sources that picked up the story and said that she was “sorry,” but it’s “not true.” Apparently, she quickly received an outpour of messages regarding the rumors. Additionally, Kate Winslet responded to the claims while speaking with People and said: 

I read something about that, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I promise you not an agent or a representative or anyone from the first one around has had any conversation with me about that. Hand on heart, that’s never come up.

Well, Kate Winslet swears by it, which surely means that The Holiday 2 is not happening (yet). Despite two major alums of the classic film now denying the sequel to the rom-com is happening, one still can’t help but take notice of that initial reaction. It certainly seems clear that fans would love to see a follow-up happen. The comment section of Meyers’ social media was flooded with fans who were bummed out that it wasn’t actually happening. Perhaps, this could inspire the director and her colleagues to give the production another thought?

The Holiday follows two women, one from Los Angeles (Cameron Diaz) and one from England (Kate Winslet), who decide to swap homes over the holidays after they each experience problems with men. And they settle into their change of atmosphere, they both find new and endearing connections. 

The two main stars are busy these days. Kate Winslet is one of the many stars in the Avatar: The Way of Water cast, and the project reunites her with Titanic collaborator James Cameron. Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, has mostly been done with acting but is coming out of retirement to do a rom-com with Jamie Foxx called Back In Action

Meanwhile, Jude Law is currently filming his upcoming Star Wars series, Skeleton Crew and Jack Black is returning for Kung Fu Panda 4 andd starring in two video game adaptations: Borderlands and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Even though it doesn’t look like that The Holiday 2 is happening anytime soon, many of us would still love for it to happen for real some day. Pretty please? 

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