The Last Kingdom Season 5: Everything you need to know

The Last Kingdom Season 5: Everything you need to know

The Last Kingdom Season 5 is returning on Netflix in 2022 and to be based on the 9th and 10th series of the novel ‘The Saxon Stories’ – ‘The Warriors of the Storm’ and ‘The Flame Bearer.’ The fifth season was officially renewed on July 7, 2020. It will be the final chapter in the historical drama, and it will air on Netflix. However, this is not the end of the series. The final season will be followed by a feature-length film, titled ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ which will begin filming in 2022. So, here’s a rundown of the journey of the fifth season, from its renewal right here.

The Last Kingdom season 5 trailer

Of course, what would all this information be without a trailer to go along with it? Words, nothing but words! We’re interested in watching TV, not reading it! Thankfully, this is another area where Netflix obliged us. A brand new trailer for The Last Kingdom’s final season went live on February 9, exactly one month before the season is set to premiere.

The Last Kingdom season 5 trailer

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The Last Kingdom Season 5 production

While announcing the fifth season, the executive producer Nigel Marchant said:

“We are really proud of The Last Kingdom, which continues to entertain audiences all over the world. We had such a tremendous response to the last season, so are thrilled to be bringing it back for a fifth and final season on Netflix. With such a loyal fanbase, we’re excited to give viewers a chance to follow Uhtred on the next stage of his epic quest, where not everyone survives.”

The filming for The Last Kingdom Season 5 was done in Hungary. It was a tough time for the entertainment industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the filming started in 2020 under COVID restriction. The production was completed in June 2021.

In April 2021, during the shoot of the final season in Hungary, Dreymon said, “Considering the circumstances, we’re incredibly fortunate to be in production at the moment.” He also said, “Everyone is doing their part, it’s going very well so far and we hope to be able to bring something really special.”

The Plotline of ‘The Last Kingdom Season 5’

According to The Last Kingdom Season 5’s synopsis, Uhtred will have to ‘face down his greatest enemy and suffer his greatest loss’ to achieve his destiny. Thus, it can be said that the fifth season will be filled with more heartbreaking moments.

The final part of the series will follow the unification of England. The story of last Kingdom Season 5 will show a time jump as the main characters’ storyline will come to an end. The official Instagram account of the series has already revealed the first look of the new character ahead of the final season’s premiere.

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The Last Kingdom season 5 release date

After going through lengthy production delays due to COVID-19, Netflix has finally announced that The Last Kingdom season 5 will premiere on March 9. The entire season is expected to drop at once, meaning this one is primed for binge-watching.

The Last Kingdom season 5 cast

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It should come as no surprise that basically all of our favorite characters from the show are returning this year. (Those who are still alive, at least.) Alexander Dreymon will of course be returning as Uhtred, along with series mainstays Emily Cox (Brida), Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith), Mark Rowley (Finan), Arnas Fedaravicius (Sihtric), Adrian Schiller (Aethelhelm), Cavan Clerkin (Pyrlig), Millie Brady (Aethelflaed), Timothy Innes (King Edward), Ewan Mitchell (Osferth) and James Northcote (Aldhelm).

The Last Kingdom is also adding quite a few new cast members for season 5 as well. That includes Ewan Horrocks (Aelfweard), Harry Gilby (Aethelstan), Patrick Robinson (Father Benedict), Harry Anton (Bresal), Rod Hallett (Constantin), Ryan Quarmby (Cynlaef), Sonya Cassidy (Eadgifu), Micki Stoltt (Rognvaldr), Phia Saban (Aelfwynn) and Jaakko Ohtonen (Wolland).

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