‘The Nun 2’ All you need to know

‘The Nun 2’ All you need to know

The Nun 2: The “Conjuring” Universe is a very frightening world, and it keeps expanding with more movies. The creepy possessed doll, Annabelle, had her own film in 2014, and there were two more “Annabelle” movies after that. We also experienced the terrifying story of La Llorona. However, the most significant spinoff in the “Conjuring” series is “The Nun,” a prequel that focuses on the scariest demon in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s collection of evil beings. And if you thought the demon was frightening before, wait until you see her in “The Nun.”

“The Nun,” which came out in 2018, tells the backstory of the demon Valak, who was first seen in “The Conjuring 2.” The movie was a huge success, earning the most money among all the films in the franchise, so a sequel was expected. Now, Valak, like Annabelle, will become a prominent villain in the “Conjuring” series, getting her own set of movies.

Back in 2019, the idea of a sequel to “The Nun” was mentioned by producer Peter Safran. Since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating details about the next movie in The Conjuring Universe. After several years in production, “The Nun 2” is almost here, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

When will The Nun 2 be released?

Following the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery into Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc., the company underwent significant changes under the leadership of CEO David Zaslav. One notable decision was the shelving of the completed “Batgirl” film, which caused quite a stir among fans and the entertainment industry.

On August 24, 2022, Warner Bros. made some updates to its upcoming film releases. Among the changes, they announced the release date for “The Nun 2.” The sequel is scheduled to premiere on September 8, 2023, almost five years after the first film was released on September 7, 2018. The announcement came amidst various other changes in the company’s film schedule, especially regarding superhero movies.

In the story of the film, less than five years will have passed since the events of the first “Nun” movie. However, in the real world, it has been a while since a “Nun” solo feature was released. In the meantime, three other films from the Conjuring Universe have been released, with the most recent being “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” in 2021. Thankfully, September 2023, the release date for “The Nun 2,” is not too far away, and hopefully, there will be no obstacles that prevent its arrival.

Who is starring?

“The Nun 2” is set to feature two important actors from the first film: Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons. Taissa Farmiga, known for her roles in “American Horror Story,” portrayed the heroic character Sister Irene in the original movie. On the other hand, Bonnie Aarons, who has appeared in various films like “Mulholland Drive” and “Silver Linings Playbook,” will be returning as the terrifying demon Valak, also known as the titular Nun.

In “The Nun 2,” Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, won’t be the only one attempting to stop the evil demon Valak. Farmiga will be joined by Storm Reid, who will portray another courageous nun fighting against the demon. Storm Reid is an emerging star known for her roles in “The Invisible Man,” “Euphoria,” and “The Last of Us.” In an interview with Collider, Reid expressed her excitement for the horror film, mentioning that her character adds a unique and captivating element to the story. She believes that the movie’s combination of scares and character development will make it a favorite among audiences.

Completing the cast, we have Anna Popplewell from the “Chronicles of Narnia” series portraying a widowed mother. Joining her are Katelyn Rose Downey from “The Princess” and Jonas Bloquet, who played Frenchie in the first film. Frenchie’s character was possessed by Valak at the end of the movie, making his return a significant part of “The Nun 2.”

Who is Writing & Directing The Nun 2

The first “Nun” movie was directed by Corin Hardy, but he won’t be back for the sequel. Instead, Michael Chaves, who has experience directing other movies in “The Conjuring” universe, will be taking over as the director for “The Nun 2.” He previously directed “The Curse of La Llorona” and “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” which shows that producers James Wan and Peter Safran trust him to deliver the scary elements.

In a conversation with ScreenRant, Chaves expressed deep admiration for his collaborative experience with Wan. He gratefully acknowledged Wan’s significant impact on his career, stating, “I owe my career to James Wan.” As a long-time fan of Wan, Chaves felt privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him on ‘La Llorona,’ which he described as one of the most thrilling and rewarding experiences of his life.

Indeed, besides Michael Chaves, there are other talented individuals involved in “The Nun 2.” The script is written by Akela Cooper, known for her twisted and creative storytelling. Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing also contributed to the script with their revisions. Akela Cooper, who has a close working relationship with James Wan, has written two wild horror films that made a big impact: “Malignant” and “M3GAN.” In an interview with Dread Central, she expressed her joy in creating a character for Storm Reid to play and emphasized the importance of increasing Black representation in “The Conjuring” Universe.

Is there a trailer for The Nun 2

The Nun 2 Official Trailer

While attendees at CinemaCon in April 2023 got a sneak peek of “The Nun 2,” the first official trailer for the horror film was released on July 6, 2023. The trailer opens with Sophie, played by Katelyn Rose Downey, witnessing Frenchie, played by Jonas Bloquet, succumbing to Valak’s torments.

As Frenchie tries to stay composed, Sophie and Sister Irene, now a nun herself, start experiencing eerie occurrences at the abbey, mostly related to the menacing demon, the Nun. The Nun begins to terrorize the young girls in the convent, causing frightening jump scares. In the trailer, Sister Irene mentions, “This thing, it’s come back for me. It wants its power back.” Towards the end of the trailer, we see Irene approaching a wall of magazines, with the pages fluttering in the wind.

The trailer features fast action scenes, including our heroine running into a cloud of smoke and the Nun levitating one of its victims. As the pages of the magazines stop on images that form the demon’s likeness, the trailer concludes with Irene glancing away momentarily, only to be attacked and strangled by Valak when she looks back. If this short preview is any indication, “The Nun 2” might be even scarier than the first film.

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