The Winchesters: Everything we need to Know about ‘Supernatural’ spin-off

The Winchesters: Everything we need to Know about ‘Supernatural’ spin-off

Supernatural Prequel Confirmed: Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles to Star in Spin-Off Exploring Sam and Dean Winchester’s Parents

The CW is bringing back the world of monster hunting with its new series, “The Winchesters.” This prequel series aims to answer unanswered questions from “Supernatural” and delve into the origin story of how Dean and Sam’s parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell, met and fell in love. The show will be narrated by Dean Winchester, portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who will also be producing the series alongside his wife, Danneel, and Robbie Thompson, a former writer for “Supernatural.”

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In the trailer for “The Winchesters,” which lasts for over three minutes, we are transported back to 1972 and introduced to John and Mary Winchester. We catch a glimpse of the various demons and creatures they will face in the series, giving us a sense of the supernatural encounters they will have.

The trailer for “The Winchesters” includes nods to the original series, such as the Men of Letters and Mary’s contemplation of the hunter lifestyle. The main characters, John and Mary Winchester, are joined by two new young hunters in their quest to battle vampires, werewolves, and demons. Fans of the CW franchise will find these supernatural elements familiar. However, it is worth noting that the story presented in the trailer may differ somewhat from what fans remember from “Supernatural.” To get a better understanding of the show’s direction, you can watch the additional trailer released in August 2022.

What Is The Winchesters About?

“The Winchesters” will be told from the perspective of Dean Winchester, who will narrate the story. The show will delve into the origin story of John and Mary Winchester, exploring how they met, fell in love, and embarked on a dangerous journey as young hunters. The trailer, set in 1972, introduces a young John returning from the Vietnam War and searching for meaning in his life. His encounter with Mary Campbell leads to a shift in his worldview, as he tries to assist her in a battle against a demon in a humorous manner.

Mary, the female protagonist, is grappling with her own personal struggles, contemplating her role as a hunter following the loss of a dear friend. However, her father’s disappearance brings her back into the world of hunting. This shared experience of a missing parent brings John and Mary together, reminiscent of how Sam and Dean had to join forces in the early days of “Supernatural.” Some fans may find inconsistencies in this storyline compared to the established “Supernatural” canon, where Mary initially disliked John and John had no knowledge of hunting until Mary’s death. However, these inconsistencies can potentially be addressed in “The Winchesters” through explanations like memory alteration by an angel, deals with demons, or time travel, given the existence of multiple universes and timelines in the “Supernatural” universe. With the show’s supernatural elements, anything is possible!

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The Cast of The Winchesters

In addition to Rodger, Donnelly, and Ackles, there are other cast members joining “The Winchesters.” Bianca Kajlich will portray Millie Winchester, John’s mother and the grandmother of Dean and Sam, a character who has never been seen in “Supernatural” before. Nida Khurshid and Jojo Fleites will play Latika and Carlos, two fellow monster hunters who join forces with John and Mary. Demetria McKinney will portray Ada, the owner of a bookshop, and Michael Tacconi will take on the role of Hank, a mysterious character.

In terms of the crew, there are several familiar names involved in “The Winchesters.” Jensen Ackles, in addition to his on-screen role, serves as an executive producer along with his wife Danneel Harris-Ackles. Robbie Thompson, a writer from “Supernatural,” has returned to write and executive produce the series. Other producers include McG, David H. Goodman, and Glen Winter, who directed the pilot episode. Eric Kripke, the original creator of “Supernatural,” has given his approval to the series but is not directly involved in its production.

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The Winchesters: Release Date

Season 1 of “The Winchesters” has completed filming in New Orleans, as confirmed by Danneel Ackles’ Instagram post. The first trailer unveiled that the inaugural season of the show will be released in the Fall of 2022. We now have official confirmation that the series will premiere on The CW on Tuesday, October 11, 2022. According to the network’s fall 2022 schedule, all episodes of “The Winchesters” will air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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