Through My Window: Across the sea – coming to Netflix in June

Through My Window: Across the sea – coming to Netflix in June

Ares and Raquel are back with their steamy chemistry and heart-fluttering romance. However, things seem to be heading towards a storm as three new characters enter the Through My Window sequel and they look like they are here with trouble.

The Spanish young adult film Through My Window was released on Netflix in February 2022. Based on the novel of the same name written by Ariana Godoy, the movie featured the relationship between neighbors Ares and Raquel, whose worlds are poles apart but strongly attracted to each other.

Spanish actors Clara Galle and Julio Peña return as young lovers in A través del Mar (Across the sea), the second chapter of the hit YA romance, based on Venezuelan author Ariana Godoy’s hugely popular Wattpad novel, which had over 300 million reads on the online literature platform prior to the movie’s 2022 debut.

Following its premiere, the film shot to the number one spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10 non-English-language titles with over 34 million views during its first week, staying in the top 10 for 12 weeks. Recognizing the fan appeal, Netflix quickly greenlit not one, but two sequels. Through My Window became the streamer’s fourth most popular non-English film of 2022.

Through My Window: Across the sea

What Will Across The Sea Be About?

In the first sequel, the young lovers are in a long-distance relationship while Ares is studying in Stockholm. They finally reunite during the summer, and against the backdrop of warm weather, the sea and the idyllic landscapes of the Catalonian Costa Brava and new adventures with their friends, Raquel and Ares begin to question whether their relationship can endure the test of time.

The Cast & Crew

Eric Masip (Artemis) and Hugo Arbués (Apollo) return to the franchise as Ares’ siblings. Also on board, Natalia Azahara (Daniela) and Guillermo Lasheras (Yoshi) as Raquel’s friends, and Emilia Lazo as Claudia, the Hidalgo family’s employee. Andrea Chaparro, Ivan Lapadula, and Carla Tous join the cast as three new characters who will play a relevant role in the twists and turns of the young lovers’ relationship.

Through My Window: Across the sea

Directed by Marçal Forés, Through My Window: Across the Sea expands the universe was created by Godoy, who again collaborated closely on the screenplay with Eduard Solà. The film is produced by Netflix, Spain’s Nostromo Pictures, and Wattpad Webtoon Studios.

Through My Window Across The Sea Release Date

Through My Window will be having two sequels, the first of which is titled Across The Sea and will release on June 23, 2023, on Netflix.

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