Vikings Valhalla season 3: release date, cast, and everything

Vikings Valhalla season 3: release date, cast, and everything

Good news for fans of the popular historical show “Vikings: Valhalla” on Netflix! The show will be coming back for a third season next year. The streaming platform made the announcement on Twitter along with a video that gives a sneak peek of what’s to come for the main characters. Although waiting for a whole year may feel like a long time, with exciting clips like this, the hype can only continue to grow.

At the end of season two of “Vikings: Valhalla,” the storylines of three main characters, Freydis Eriksdottír, Leif Erikson, and Harald Sigursson, took them on separate journeys. Freydis traveled to the famous Viking fortress known as Jomsborg, where she went to give birth to her son. Meanwhile, Leif and Harald embarked on a bold adventure across the Baltic Sea, heading towards Constantinople. As their paths diverged, it appeared that they were moving further apart from each other. The upcoming season leaves us curious and excited about what lies ahead for these characters and how their separate journeys will unfold.

The show “Vikings: Valhalla,” which was filmed in the beautiful country of Ireland, made its debut on Netflix on February 25, 2022. Since then, it has garnered significant success, captivating fans with its thrilling stories and adventures of renowned Vikings as they embark on new journeys across Europe. The show also delves into the tensions that arise between the Pagans and Christians within the Viking community.

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What can we expect from Vikings: Valhalla next season?

Although it’s hard to guess what will happen in the future of the show “Vikings: Valhalla,” it’s obvious that Leif and Harald will keep exploring and bringing new adventures to the series in Constantinople after the end of Season 2.

In Season 2 of the show, Leif goes through changes and starts to embrace Christianity. He has a curiosity about the world and wants to learn more. Accordingly, Leif plans to visit Mariam’s house in the Byzantine city to learn more and expand his knowledge.

On the other hand, Harald is not thinking rationally. He has developed feelings for Elena, the mysterious woman who joined him on the journey to Constantinople. However, it is revealed that she is meant to marry the Emperor. That means any relationship between them would need to be kept hidden if Harald wants to avoid trouble.

Freydis’ journey, on the other hand, is uncertain. She has made peace with Kattegat, Canute, and Forkbeard, putting the previous conflicts behind her. Now, her main focus is taking care of her newborn son. However, there is always the possibility of new threats emerging. As the last defender of the pagan traditions, it could be up to her to lead a fightback against any new enemies if the Vikings are put in danger.

Vikings Valhalla season 3
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Finally, in London, Queen Emma has gained control over Godwin. The Earl of Wessex achieved his desire by arranging a marriage with Gytha, Canute’s niece. However, during this process, Emma discovered secrets from Godwin’s past. With this valuable information, which she could easily share with Canute, Emma has the power to make Godwin do whatever she wants if the political situation in England becomes uncertain.

What the creators have hinted about the next season

While Netflix has only ordered three seasons of Vikings: Valhalla. However, the creator Jeb Stuart previously told us he has designs on reaching the end of the Viking era in 1066.

“Most historians think that the end of the Vikings era is 1066. I’d love to do that. For me, that’ll take more than three seasons. It would be [the endgame]. There’s a lot of great history out there, an enormous amount of growth on all these characters.”

History can provide insights into what may unfold in season 3. Without revealing any real-world spoilers, it is hinted that Harald will be spending a significant amount of time in Constantinople, away from his beloved Norway. In an interview with Collider, creator Jeb Stuart mentioned that a “change of culture” will play a crucial role in the series as it moves forward.

Stuart, the creator of the show, gave some hints about Season 3. He mentioned that there will be a big change in the culture and the story will eventually lead to the exploration of the New World. He raised questions about what tools and skills Leif will acquire, and how Freydis will help the last remaining followers of the Pagan faith. It’s an exciting prospect because it also reflects what was happening in Europe at that time.

Vikings Valhalla season 3
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In the same interview, Stuart also mentioned the possibility of incorporating time jumps into the series. If the show, follows Stuart’s desire to reach 1066, we might see significant leaps forward in time in the upcoming seasons. Maybe skipping over years or even decades. This narrative approach could allow for more compact storytelling of the Viking era.

Vikings: Valhalla season 3 cast

In the upcoming season, viewers can expect the return of familiar characters such as Leif, Harald, and Freydis, portrayed by Sam Corlett, Leo Suter, and Frida Gustavsson, respectively. The main cast will likely include Queen Emma, played by Laura Berlin, Godwin portrayed by David Oakes, King Canute portrayed by Bradley Freegard, Queen Aelfgifu portrayed by Pollyanna McIntosh, and Elena portrayed by Sofya Lebedeva.

In the second season, a significant loss was Harald’s half-brother Olaf, who was killed by Freydis. While Vikings have occasionally incorporated supernatural elements, it would be unexpected for Olaf to make a return.

In the upcoming season, the legendary Viking Erik the Red, who is the father of Freydis and Leif, will be introduced as a new character. Actor Goran Visnjic, known for his role in The Boys, will portray Erik the Red.

Vikings Valhalla season 3
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Vikings Valhalla season 3 potential release date on Netflix

The first season of the Vikings sequel series premiered on Netflix in February 2022. Then, the second season arrived 11 months later on January 12, 2023.

Based on the release pattern of the previous seasons, we can anticipate the arrival of the third season in early 2024. The exciting news is that the cast and crew have already finished filming season three. That means we won’t have to wait much longer for its release.

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