‘Violent Night 2’ in the Works With Tommy Wirkola Returning to Direct!

‘Violent Night 2’ in the Works With Tommy Wirkola Returning to Direct!

Tommy Wirkola’s action-thriller “Violent Night” is currently accessible on Digital and Peacock streaming platforms. Excitingly, according to The Wrap, a sequel titled “Violent Night 2” has been confirmed and is on its way to captivate audiences once again.

“We are currently in discussions, finalizing deals, and ensuring everything is in order,” Wirkola stated to the outlet. “We have ample time to thoroughly develop the script and shape the story to perfection.”

Wirkola notes that Pat Casey and Josh Miller will be back to write Violent Night 2.

In an interview with The Wrap, he reveals, “We have been discussing our ideas among myself, Pat, Josh, and the producers. We have been exploring the direction we want to take the project and the elements we hope to incorporate.”

“We had some concepts that we didn’t include in the first film, such as the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, and the elves,” Wirkola explained. “However, in terms of the story, we have developed a really exciting idea that expands the world and its scope while maintaining the beloved tone of the original.”

“Violent Night” presents a unique and blood-soaked blend of beloved holiday classics such as “Die Hard,” “Home Alone,” “Christmas Vacation,” and “Bad Santa.” The film revolves around the character of Santa Claus, portrayed by David Harbour, who embarks on a mission to rescue a family that has been held hostage. Meanwhile, John Leguizamo takes on the role of the formidable villain in this action-packed thriller. The combination of holiday cheer and intense action promises an exciting and unconventional cinematic experience.

In her review for Bloody Disgusting, Meagan praised director Tommy Wirkola (known for “Dead Snow”) for infusing his gore-soaked sense of humor into “Violent Night.” She described the film as an amalgamation of familiar holiday themes, creating an exciting Christmas-set action movie that delights audiences with its red splatters of snow.

In “Violent Night,” a group of skilled mercenaries infiltrates a luxurious family estate on Christmas Eve, holding everyone captive. However, they encounter an unexpected adversary: Santa Claus, portrayed by David Harbour. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that this version of Santa is far from the jolly old figure we know, and he is determined to demonstrate his ruthless and formidable nature.

In addition to the cast mentioned, Beverly D’Angelo from “Christmas Vacation,” Alex Haskell, and Alexis Louder also star in “Violent Night.” They join the ensemble of the Christmas-themed movie, along with Edi Patterson and Cam Gigandet.

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