White Chicks 2: All we know so far

White Chicks 2: All we know so far

white chicks 2: Since it came out in 2004, ‘White Chicks’ has become a much-loved comedy movie with a devoted group of fans. It was directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and starred Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, who are known for their comedy skills. The film takes viewers on a funny and exciting undercover journey. What makes it stand out is its original concept, where two FBI agents pretend to be white women, giving a fresh and enjoyable twist to the comedy genre.

In the movie, the Wayans brothers play undercover agents who pretend to be rich hotel heiresses to keep them safe from a bad kidnapping plan. The film’s clever mix of funny moments, making fun of things, and crazy situations connected well with viewers, making ‘White Chicks’ a movie people remember and quote often.

Now, people who loved the first movie are eagerly waiting to hear about a sequel. In this article, we’ll explore the most recent updates and progress on ‘White Chicks 2,’ including the highly anticipated release date.

White Chicks 2 Release Date?

Cinematicworld has shared information about the release of ‘White Chicks 2,’ but there seem to be some conflicting statements. Terry Crews, who was part of the first movie, has confirmed that a sequel is being worked on. If filming starts by 2023, there’s a chance that the movie might come out by the end of 2024.

Contrary to the previous reports, Marlon Wayans, who co-wrote and starred in the first movie, has stated that there won’t be a ‘White Chicks 2.’ He has decided to focus on creating “Black man movies” instead. Currently, the production status of the film is listed as “Shutdown” on Movie Insider, indicating that the sequel is not in progress.

Cast of White Chicks 2

whits chick 2 cast

In the first movie, Shawn Wayans played the character Kevin Copeland, who disguised himself as Brittany Wilson. His brother, Marlon Wayans, portrayed Marcus Anthony Copeland II, who became Tiffany Wilson. The cast also included Jaime King as Heather Vandergeld and Busy Philipps as Karen Googlestein. Other roles were played by John Heard, Brittany Daniel, and Jennifer Carpenter, as Warren Vandergeld, Megan Vandergeld, and Lisa Anderson, respectively. The film also had supporting actors like Terry Crews, Eddie Velez, Anne Dudek, Jessica Cauffiel, and many more.

For ‘White Chicks 2,’ it might be challenging to bring back the entire original cast because a lot of time has passed since the first movie. However, there is a chance that some key cast members could return to play their roles in the new film. Terry Crews, who has expressed a strong desire to revive the movie, could potentially be part of the anticipated sequel.

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