Will Smith yells ‘we are selling our house’ as he, his son Trey captures a huge spider inside their home. 

Will Smith yells ‘we are selling our house’ as he, his son Trey captures a huge spider inside their home. 

On Sunday, actor Will Smith shared a video on his Instagram account. In the video, both Will Smith and his son Trey Smith are visibly frightened as they spot a large spider in their home. Trey manages to capture the spider, but in a humorous tone, Will jokes about selling their house due to the scary encounter.

Will shared the video with a caption that said, “I’m posting this from a Holiday Inn.” In the video, Will sounded extremely frightened as he filmed Trey capturing a huge spider using a glass bowl. “What on earth! That’s an enormous spider,” exclaimed Will, while his son reassured him, “That’s a tarantula.” Will, still on a chair, urged Trey to remove the spider, saying, “Alright Trey, you have to get rid of it. Come on. You’re young and strong. You can handle a spider bite.”

Trey managed to grab the spider that was underneath the glass bowl. Despite Will’s unsuccessful attempt to place a piece of paper underneath the spider, they eventually moved it outside. At the end of the video, Will jokingly remarks, “This is the kind of situation we’re dealing with. We’re selling the house.”

Sheree Zampino, Will Smith’s ex-wife and Trey’s mother, commented, “No more family dinners at the house for me.” One fan expressed, “This is scary yet so hilarious lol.” Another fan commented, “You are so funny lol.” Many others joined in by leaving laughing emojis in the comments section of the video.

Will Smith recently appeared in the film “King Richard” alongside other talented actors. His performance in the movie earned him prestigious awards such as the Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award. Smith’s next project is a thriller called “Emancipation,” directed by Antoine Fuqua and set to be released in 2023. The film also features Charmaine Bingwa and Ben Foster. Additionally, there was a period during which Smith was not allowed to attend the Academy Awards for some reason.

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