Will Tarzan receive a new film from Sony Pictures?

Will Tarzan receive a new film from Sony Pictures?

Tarzan is not widely popular in today’s culture. While older individuals may have nostalgic memories of the 1999 Disney film, the more recent adaptation of the character in Warner Bros.’ 2016 movie “The Legend of Tarzan” did not generate much enthusiasm from audiences. However, since movies are made for various reasons, it remains to be seen if there will be another attempt at a successful Tarzan film.

According to The Cinematic Reporter, Sony now has the rights to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ iconic character Tarzan. They are planning a new film that is described as a “total reinvention” of the character and the franchise. It remains unclear what exactly this reinvention will entail, but it opens up possibilities like taking Tarzan into space. At this stage, there is no creative team attached to the project, but that information will be announced in due course. Sony has a reputation for being determined to bring certain films to production and theaters, so it seems likely that they will put in the effort to make this Tarzan film happen.

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Where The Story Should Go Next

The initial Tarzan film drew inspiration from various elements of Tarzan’s mythology and blended them with a touch of realism. As the original Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs become increasingly fantastical (featuring numerous “lost cities” in Africa), there are still some aspects that could be incorporated into a sequel to this timeless adventure tale.

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The Son of Tarzan

In “The Legend of Tarzan,” the film concludes with the birth of Tarzan and Jane’s son. Similarly, in the original books, they also have a son named Jack Clayton, who, like his father, becomes lost in the jungle as a boy. While this storyline may have been repetitive in the original novels, the absence of a proper origin story in “The Legend of Tarzan” opens up the opportunity to explore the adventures of the young son that were skipped before. It is likely that the child of Tarzan and Jane would play a significant role in any sequel, becoming a regular character in the franchise.

Does Tarzan receive a new film from Sony?

Tarzan has a rich history of being adapted into various forms of entertainment, including movies, TV shows, and audio dramas. The first film adaptation, titled “Tarzan of the Apes,” was released in 1918 and featured Elmo Lincoln as the adult Tarzan. Lincoln reprised the role in two sequels, and then it was taken over by Gene Pollar and Frank Merrill in 1920 and 1928 respectively. However, the most famous live-action portrayal of Tarzan was by Johnny Weissmuller, who began playing the character in the 1932 film “Tarzan of the Apes.” Weissmuller went on to star in twelve Tarzan films and holds the record for the longest tenure as Tarzan on screen.

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The question arises whether Sony’s Tarzan film will find a composer who can surpass Phil Collins or if they will consider bringing Collins back for the task. It is also worth considering if Disney is working on a remake of Tarzan, similar to their efforts with Hercules, The Little Mermaid, and other beloved ’90s childhood movies.

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