You Season 5: Everything to Know About the Final Season

You Season 5: Everything to Know About the Final Season

Although an exact release date has not been disclosed, Netflix has confirmed that You Season 5 will be its final season.

In the fourth season of Netflix’s show “You,” the character Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, adopts a new identity and moves to London for a fresh beginning. He now goes by the name Professor Jonathan Moore. The first part of the season was released on February 9 and suggested that Joe had changed his ways. However, the second part, which premiered on March 9, took an unexpected twist, revealing that Joe is still the same sinister character we first encountered in Brooklyn.

In the last part of “You” season 4, Joe returns to where everything started, which is New York City. He is now in a relationship with Kate, who has taken over her father’s successful business and has helped Joe create a persona of a “quiet hero.” The couple seems truly in love and has ambitious plans to make a difference in the world. If you’re a fan of the show and curious about the future, continue reading to find out what we currently know about the possibility of a fifth season of “You.”

You Season 5
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Is You returning for season 5?

Netflix has officially announced that “You” will conclude with its fifth and final season in 2024. The news was confirmed through a video clip shared on the official “You” Twitter account, featuring the show’s star Joe narrating his iconic lines. The tweet revealed that Joe Goldberg will be back for the final season of “You” in 2024.

The show’s fifth season will be its last.

Gamble has expressed that the creative team believes it is important to end the series at the right time, without overstaying its welcome. They want to conclude the saga of Joe Goldberg before running out of fresh and captivating ideas.

She stated that the intention was never to keep the show going indefinitely. The plan has always been to tell the complete story and when that is done, they will wrap it up. From the early discussions with Penn, the focus was not on producing endless episodes but on having a sense of closure. The show is different in tone and does not try to portray Joe as a hero in a serious manner. It follows the tradition of single-lead shows where the main character engages in increasingly questionable actions. The beauty of it is that when his character arc concludes, so does the show.

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What’s going to happen in You season 5?

In the finale of season 4, Joe is back in New York, attempting to leave his London crimes behind. However, the reappearance of “Rhys” in the last scene and Joe embracing his dark side suggest that moving on won’t be easy for him. Surprisingly, Joe has gained fame due to Kate’s public relations efforts, making it difficult for him to carry out impulsive murders as he used to. On top of that, he bought a bookstore that may or may not have a creepy murder basement, possibly hinting at more chilling secrets to come.

According to Penn Badgley, he wants Joe to face the consequences of his actions in season 5. Sera Gamble, the show’s creator, also mentioned in an interview with The New York Post that Joe’s newfound fame will make it difficult for him to continue his pattern of killing people without getting caught. It seems like season 5 will mark the end of Joe’s casual killings and his ability to escape the law.

You Season 5
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Who’s in the cast for You season 5?

In each season of You, new characters are introduced as Joe moves to different locations in an attempt to leave his troubled past behind. However, with Joe returning to New York, there is a possibility of seeing familiar faces from season 1, such as his friend Ethan (played by Zach Cherry) and his former neighbor Paco (played by Luca Padovan). Additionally, since Joe was seen with Kate at the end of season 4, it is likely that actress Charlotte Ritchie will be included in the season 5 cast.

Netflix made an attempt to bring back Jenna Ortega for season 4 of You, hoping she would return as Ellie Alves. However, due to scheduling conflicts on Wednesdays, she was unable to participate. Fans are now hopeful that she will be able to join the cast for season 5.

Who are the showrunners for You Season 5?

The upcoming season 5 of “You” will have new showrunners. Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo, who are executive producers of the show, will be taking over from Sera Gamble, who initially developed the series alongside Greg Berlanti.

Gamble expressed her immense gratitude to co-creator Greg Berlanti, Caroline Kepnes, her friends at Berlanti Productions and Alloy Entertainment, and their steadfast partners at Warner Bros and Netflix in a statement, as she announced her decision to step back from day-to-day show running to focus on new projects.

Gamble expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to work on the show alongside the talented writers, producers, directors, cast, and crew. She also expressed her gratitude for the collaboration with Penn Badgley, whom she described as a gifted and thoughtful artist. Furthermore, Gamble expressed pride in what they have accomplished together and considered it a privilege to pass the torch. Finally, she expressed excitement to watch and support the “You” team as they bring Joe Goldberg’s journey to its twisted conclusion.

You Season 5
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When would ‘You’ season 5 come out?

Netflix has officially announced that season 5 of “You” will be its final season, although they have not specified an exact release date. However, a new teaser has indicated that the highly anticipated series will return sometime in 2024.

“You” has never followed a strict annual release schedule. There have always been significant gaps between seasons, with the most recent hiatus lasting one year and four months between seasons 3 and 4. Production for season 4 commenced in March 2022, and the first part of the season premiered in February 2023. If the series maintains a similar timeline for season 5, viewers can expect it to return in the latter half of 2024.

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