Marvel Fans Demand Disney+ Series on Bashenga, The First Black Panther

Marvel Fans Demand Disney+ Series on Bashenga, The First Black Panther

The Black Panther movies were strongly influenced by different cultures. The first movie focused on African culture, while the second movie incorporated elements from ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures into the present day. It would be truly amazing if we could explore the history of Black Panther in more depth, similar to what we did for Namor. In the first Black Panther movie, we learned about how Earth acquired Vibranium through a montage. The movie also hinted at the origin of the first Black Panther, Shaman Bashenga. We don’t know yet if Marvel will choose to tell Bashenga’s story, but there are some new pieces of artwork that could provide more information about his background.

Who Was King Bashenga?

Long ago, when the tribes of Wakanda were divided, a warrior shaman emerged from the legends. This shaman managed to unite all the tribes by having a vision of the goddess Bast. Guided by this vision, he discovered a potent herb that grew in Vibranium-rich soil. Following Bast’s instructions, he consumed the herb, which granted him superhuman abilities. He became the inaugural ruler of Wakanda and the very first Black Panther. Although he passed away, his descendants from the Golden tribe carried on the legacy of the Black Panther, assuming the mantle in his honor.

King Bashenga

Bashenga: The First Black Panther

Artist Shaun Harrison has created several concept art pieces envisioning a potential new Disney/Marvel release titled “Bashenga: The First Black Panther.” These artworks offer a visual exploration of this concept. Feel free to take a look at them and see the artist’s vision for this potential project.

Harrison also unveiled some characters that might belong to the five tribes that were prominent in the Kingdom during that time.

Then, there’s the Black Panther suit:

These artworks are incredibly beautiful and look so realistic that they almost appear to be real.

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